We all have different wants and needs on holiday, after all it is a special time.  We have some specific Holiday Types here on our website but we felt you should have the opportunity to search for the right property for you by selecting specific features.

Ib perast 280x250By clicking on one or more of the tags above you can narrow our huge range of hotels down to a more manageable list to select from.  The more tags you select the shorter your list.

Once you have clicked on the tags that suit your needs you can narrow the search even more by selecting a destination and a month of travel. Or just select a month of travel and our system will display the most suitable properties with a "from" price (excluding flights) for the month you have selected.

You can then review the properties to see which will suit you best. 

Our specialist team are always available to give you advice, especially if any of your features are seasonal or available in only part of an hotel. For example: "Adult only" can refer to just an area of an hotel.  "All Inclusive" in our progamme usually refers to meals and drinks not sports facilities.