A relaxing luxury holiday surely should include at least one visit to the spa.  We have an excellent selection of Spa hotels within our portfolio and you can select the Spa tag above to display our hotels that have Spa facilities.  You can also add other preferred items at the same time for example Spa and Beach. If you have a preferred destination or date you can add that too.

almyra 280x250Each Spa specialises in different “themes” it may be Aromatherapy , Ayurvedic, Thalasso, Oriental or general well-being or Beauty based, as examples. Some have a combination depending on the specialist staff and knowledge.

All Spas will have a chat to you first to see what your “needs” are and to check any health concerns or conditions and following this body treatments or therapies can then be recommended specifically for you. 

Many people think spas are just for women, but more and more men are trying them and becoming converts – our Managing Director is a good example of this. 

One of the nicest aspects of our work is having the opportunity to try out various treatments at our hotels’ spas – it’s a tough job but someone has to do it!  We would be delighted to give you some examples of ones we have experienced or to share our knowledge on other examples or give you more detailed lists of treatments at specific hotels. 

Naturally we can pre-book Spa programmes or individual treatments in advance for you. Spa programmes vary and can be Relaxation, Anti-stress, Slimming, Post-natal etc.  We will happily advise what is available or tailor-make a programme for you.