Easy booking process

With our flexible and convenient booking process, along with many years of experience, we're able to ensure your holiday with us is as individual as you are. An extensive, up-to-date knowledge of each and every destination means we're able to easily tailor a holiday to any client's particular needs. We understand everybody's travel priorities are different, so we're able to guide your selection based on the specific facilities you require – right down to the most convenient flight times and best UK airport for departure.

Going that extra mile

Always happy to help and willing to go the extra mile, our wonderful team of staff lives up to Prestige Holidays' 26-year reputation of dedicated customer care. Their ethos of honest, knowledge based advice, integrity, and excellence in service shines, with a highly personalised service and attention to detail at every point in the booking process. There's no need to compromise on anything and they're able to tailor your holiday to suit your individual needs.

Our personal experience

The majority of the team have been with Prestige Holidays for many, many years so, no matter which of our extensive range of destinations you choose, at least one of our staff members (and in most cases, more) will have personal experience of the resorts and properties. We don’t recommend anywhere we haven't been to ourselves and, because we love to travel ourselves, our collective knowledge is always thorough and up-to-date.