Beautiful resort with an Alpine feel

Lake Bled Slovenia

The fairy-tale components are all here: a sparkling lake with that island, the Baroque Castle Brixen perched on top of the cliff, horse drawn carriages (fijakers) around the lake, swans and pletna trips (like a wide gondola) across the lake – and it’s easy to understand why people return every year.

Bled is 501 metres above sea level and has a good centre with shops, restaurants, concert hall and spas – Swiss hydropath Arnold Rikli discovered the healing properties of Bled in 1855 and the spa tradition continues.

What to do

There is a huge range of sports for the more active and plenty to see for those wishing to explore the area.


The Bled Days Festival shouldn’t be missed (usually the fourth weekend of July): during the preceding year, local chefs are asked to save the eggshells used to make the famous “cream slice” cake. Candles are placed in the shell halves and 10,000 of them are lit floating on the lake – there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. 

Must see

Walk the Vintgar Gorge with its massive ravines, visit the castle and of course, walk around the lake – at least once – takes around 90 minutes – more if you stop to admire sights.