Pristine towns, great food & beaches

Scicli Sicily

Easily accessible now from both Catania and Comiso airports the beautiful baroque area is ideal for people wanting to discover the authentic Sicily but looking for a high standard of accommodation and food.

It makes for a perfect holiday mix of culture, relaxation and unspoilt beaches.

The ‘Tuscany’ of Sicily

The baroque towns are reminiscent of the Tuscan towns and are all UNESCO heritage sites.

Beautifully perched in or nestled on canyons they are surrounded by rolling hills, farmhouses and vineyards.

This area is very well known for high end gastronomy and wines. You have the added bonus of unspoilt sandy beaches just a short drive away.


The popular Sicilian detective series was all filmed in this area. Many of the scenes were shot in Ragusa, and Scicli – where the ‘Police station’ is located- just a five minute walk from our hotel, the Novecento. The TV series is beginning to put this area of Sicily on the map so go now before it gets crowded!