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So Autumn has well and truly arrived.... 

AdobeStock 207148847... my warm woolly jumpers are back hanging in my wardrobe, all my summer clothes freshly washed and packed away!  Boots have now replaced flip flops and I  have already had to scrape ice off my windscreen – twice!  What a shock, especially when I flew into Gatwick on Friday morning – when it was only a single digit temperature – and I didn’t have a coat!!! How optimistic (or stupid of me!). I had just returned from beautiful and positively balmy Bermuda, where it was about 26 degrees during the day and pretty much the same at night – it was heaven! So I am finding the adjustment to autumn a little challenging. 

But at least I can look at my photos (and fond memories) from Bermuda and remember just how wonderful that sun felt on my face.  We did have the odd rain shower – but these only lasted 5 minutes and it was still 26 degrees!  I can cope with weather like that.  So it’s perfect weather for getting out and exploring or playing golf.  My time in Bermuda was pretty full on with not much free time to enjoy the island.  But just being there and catching up with old friends, savouring local cuisine, with fresh lobster and fish and on the menu was truly special and I was thoroughly spoilt.  

DSCF9697The locals are so friendly and will always stop and say hi, I really do feel like I have made some good friends over the years I have been travelling to Bermuda.  They really do go out of their way to help too.  I stupidly left my phone charging in my hotel room when I checked out – so whilst in a taxi on the way to the airport, I phoned the hotel to ask them to get it and put it in a taxi and send it to the airport. My friendly driver said not to worry he would pick it up from the hotel and drop it at the airport for me, as he would be returning to the airport shortly.  So what could have been quite traumatic, was sorted simply with no fuss and I was reunited with my phone about an hour later.  Such a relief! 

The island has so much more to offer these days than when I first visited about 15 years ago, they really have improved tourism activities over the years.  I guess the biggest difference is you can now hire a car on island.  You could never do this before – so although getting around has always been fun using taxis, local buses, ferries and scooters, now having the option of hiring a two seater electric Twizy is amazing.  A group of us spent a day exploring Bermuda in Twizy’s and I can honestly say it was so easy and absolutely brilliant. One of the best days I have had on Bermuda.  We went to places I didn’t know existed – like Wadson’s Farm for a tour and  breakfast  then we went horse-riding on the beach and a stop of course for a delicious lunch en route.  We all went in convoy – quite a sight to behold.  So these really have changed the dynamic on Bermuda and open up so many more possibilities for exploring the island and they really are so easy to drive. I would recommend everyone try it for at least a day. 

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You can also spend your days doing all of this: Segway tours, glow worm cruises, jet ski tours, kayak tours, bicycle tours, Hidden gems excursions visiting lesser known areas of Bermuda including the jungle, Haunted history tours in St Georges, photo tour and food tour. If that’s not enough you can also try paddle boarding, kite-surfing, cliff jumping and some of my old favourites on Bermuda, snorkelling, swimming with dolphins or play a round of golf on any of the six golf courses. 

Of course if you just want to laze on a beach and bask in beautiful Bermuda sunshine, there are plenty of stunning beaches to discover and marvel at that pink sand that is so famous in Bermuda

Our hotels on Bermuda are all so different and I couldn’t pick a favourite, so just ask for advice about choosing one to suit you.