Beautiful village with cosmopolitan feel

Deia Mallorca

This pretty village is set in the slopes of Teix massif, and has a cosmopolitan feel but still retains much of the character of a small Mallorcan town.

Explore the winding streets with small shops, galleries and cafes. The village offers incredible views towards the coast. The nearest beach is the tiny cove of Cala de Deia and is popular even though it is a rocky beach probably because the water here is so clear and safe for children. 

This village is well worth a visit even if staying in a different area as the drive to Deia takes in some of the most beautiful views in Mallorca. 

Village life

The winding streets and incredible views have attracted artists, writers and expatriates for years which gives a cosmopolitan feel. The village has many streets to explore and discover the beautiful architecture. Many artists can be spotted in the village and every year, the award-winning Deià International Festival attracts classical music lovers.


Deià is home to several interesting museums including the Archaeological Museum and the Robert Graves House Museum. The village also offers art galleries and art centres and the collections display talented artists from the local area as well as international displays.