Clear Blue waters ideal for swimming

CalaDOr 240The lovely resort might have started life as a little fishing village, but these days it's a well-loved resort that has stylish shops, bars and restaurants. People come here to sail, dive and drink champagne (other drinks are available!) at the waterfront bars.

Cala means cove or inlet

Cala D'Or has a number of small beaches, the most popular being Cala Ferrat, Cala Esmeralda, Cala Serena, Cala Llonga and Cala Gran, all of which are quite narrow but deep.  Don't expect huge expanses of sand and sea views here and it does get busy during the peak season, but the water is wonderfully clear and inviting and ideal for swimming. If you are looking for a larger stretch of sand then Es Trenc is only a half hour bus ride away.

The resort is generally made up of low-rise buildings and cobbled streets so it retains an authentic Spanish flavour although the resident super yachts do add a touch of glamour.

Things to do

Boat trips, diving and snorkelling are popular pastimes in this area. Or perhaps hiking and cycling are more up your street. There are many hiking trails in the hills behind the resort or in Mondrago Nature Park. Bicycles can be hired in a variety of locations - Mallorca is well known for its cycling routes and opportunities.

Tennis is available at most hotels and the nearest golf course is the Vall D'Or 18 hole course at Porto Colom.