Quinta do Furao

Incredible views over the north coast


The Santana house is a traditional home with a thatched roof and a distinctive “A” frame.  There are several in Santana by the church to see, many are still in use.

Surrounding area

This part of Madeira is extremely beautiful with some magnificent landscapes to enjoy.  One of our favourites is Pico do Arieiro, accessible by car, but go as early as possible in the day.  It can be covered by cloud or you can drive through the cloud in to sunshine for a very special experience.


Walking along Madeira’s levadas (man made water channels) is very popular and we recommend joining a guided walk.  Some are comparatively easy but others are strenuous, and not for vertigo sufferers.  The Sunflower Guide “Landscapes of Madeira” has always been reliable and very informative – see www.sunflowerbooks.co.uk.