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Introducing Australia & New Zealand

We're now going even further to create the perfect holiday...

I’m so delighted to show you our wonderful holidays to Australia and New Zealand.

We know, which ever you choose, you'll have the most brilliant time. In fact we feel pretty certain that you'll go again. And probably again.

Why so? Draw up a list of all the ingredients that make the perfect holiday and you'll find them all, in glorious abundance, Down Under. The scenery will take your breath away, the beaches run on forever, the wildlife is prolific and different from anywhere else in the world, the indigenous cultures are vibrant, the cities world class, the food and wine are to die for and the people are lovely, laid back and truly welcoming of anyone from the 'old country.' And whenever, or wherever, you decide to pause for breath, we will have found the perfect roost, whether a boutique townhouse hotel or a working cattle ranch, an island escape or a room with a view of the big blue yonder.

When we set up Prestige Holidays back in 1989 we did so with a mission, to offer unparalleled expertise to our customers. Then, as now, we only offered destinations which we knew intimately, and our passion was to ensure that our customers got the holiday they deserved.

We are proud to continue this tradition to our new as well as our existing destinations. We know that our clients place great trust in us and, in Australia and New Zealand, will find the experiences that we offer will be hugely interesting and their holidays immensely rewarding. We are more than happy to stake our name on our 'new worlds', backed by our Prestige Pledge to hand-pick only those places that will make your tailor-made holiday special.

But please don’t just take my word for it, I encourage you to call us and discover this for yourselves.

John Dixon
Managing Director & fellow traveller