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Relax in the great outdoors

It really does feel as though time has stood still throughout the striking, unspoilt landscape. Punctuated by dramatic valleys, deep-cut ravines and steep, terraced slopes, the centre of the island is dominated by the protection of the National Park, created to conserve the diverse and abundant plant life. A unique combination of volcanic, lush and dry terrain, the island offers a panorama of ever-changing views.

In a region virtually untouched by commercialism, holidays to La Gomera offer a slower pace of life, with friendly locals and a distinctly laidback vibe. But there's plenty to keep you busy as well, with diving and boat trips, bike rental and guided hiking tours.

Getting There

The island has one very small airport served by a local airline, however most people who book La Gomera holidays arrive by water from neighbouring Tenerife.

Fred Olsen operates a regular catamaran and ferry service leaving from Los Cristianos, on Tenerife. The duration of the crossing varies depending on the service, with some taking 45 minutes and others an hour and a half. We can organise a transfer from the airport at Tenerife to connect you with a ferry service.

If you want to start your holiday in style you can upgrade to “Gold Class” service on the catamaran, which affords the use of a separate lounge with reclining chairs, as well as a complimentary light snack service, including soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. You'll need to indicate you want to upgrade at the time of booking and the service can cost as little as £20 per person return (subject to change).

Our local representative will meet you at Los Cristianos harbour and your luggage will be transferred to containers for the journey, once you've completed the crossing, you'll reclaim your luggage and a taxi will take you to your hotel. There is a limited number of taxis available so on occasion you may be asked to share – although this is rare and we'll do our utmost to avoid it.

If there is some time to wait before a convenient crossing, we'll arrange for you to enjoy a refreshing drink at Villa Cortes hotel in Tenerife, then be taken by car to embark on the catamaran from Los Cristianos.

Our local representative will be in telephone contact with guests once you arrive at the hotel.

What to do on La Gomera Holidays

While many of our guests spend their time simply relaxing or enjoying the natural beauty of the island, for those looking for more energetic pastimes we have some other suggestions.


Holidays to La Gomera offer the opportunity to enjoy the Canary Islands' long-established reputation as an excellent golfing destination.

The 18-hole, par 71 Tecina Golf is a brilliant 6,205-metre course designed by Donald Steel. Providing spectacular views over the Atlantic and Teide, on Tenerife, it is located above the hotel Jardin Tecina (under the same ownership). This demanding course begins at the top of the hill and takes you all the way down to the ocean – with stunning views every step of the way.

The course has excellent facilities, including a putting green, chipping green with bunkers, a PGA golf pro and a clubhouse. Guests of the Hotel Jardin Tecina can be transferred directly to the 1st tee.


It's no secret that the majority of visitors choose La Gomera holidays specifically to take advantage of the beautiful black sand and pebble beaches.

The largest beach on the island is Playa Santiago, which enjoys a lovely sheltered position close to the small port and marina (with refreshment facilities) and provides safe swimming conditions for children. The beach itself comprises smooth stones and black sand washed in on the tides, and the crystal clear waters make for excellent snorkelling and diving.

For those with young children, San Sebastian Beach, located in the town, is an ideal choice, with the offshore breakwater ensuring consistently calm conditions.

La Cueva Beach, just outside San Sebastian, is another black sand beach in an area surrounded by rural farms. Facilities include a yacht club and a diving club.

A number of other good beaches are located in the Vallehermoso and Valle del Gran Rey areas, and around the island there are plenty more, with some more readily accessible than others.

Enjoying the natural pursuits and more

Holidays to la Gomera are popular with experienced hikers keen to explore a unique and challenging terrain. There are various guided tours available throughout the National Park of Garajonay and this beautiful wilderness offers one of the few genuinely unspoilt areas left in the world.

The visitors centre, Juego de Bolas, is the recommended starting point when exploring the National Park; it can provide all the information you need to get your bearings, whether on foot or by car. One way to discover the unexpected delights of the rural areas is to rent a car and simply drive wherever the fancy takes you. There are no wrong turns and no shortage of stunning scenery.

You can explore the island independently by mountain bike, however we do recommend taking a local guide unless you're familiar with the area. There are a number companies that offer organised tours and bike hire in La Puntilla, Valle Gran Rey.

While horse riding is available, and it's a lovely way to see the countryside, opportunities are quite limited. If it does interest you there are stables in Valle del Gran Rey.

For most people who visit La Gomera, holidays naturally tend to revolve around the water and the aquatic activities available. The clear waters offer superb opportunities for diving, and those who head beneath the ocean to explore the underwater world may encounter barracudas, tuna, rays, parrot fish and other smaller subtropical fish.

The San Sebastian marina is the main place for sailing activities and getting out on the water is a wonderful way to see the island from a different point of view. You'll take in spectacular scenery, like the cliff face of Los Organos (so named for its organ pipe appearance formed by time and tide), and perhaps stop off for a swim or snorkel in some of the many hidden inlets.

La Gomera holidays are also the ideal opportunity to go deep-sea fishing or head out on whale and dolphin watching tours. The waters around the island are home to around 20 species of dolphin and it is an unforgettable experience to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat.

Back on dry land, we highly recommend an excursion to the charming village of El Cercado, famous for its unique ceramics. Made from the local clay, they are manufactured entirely by hand using traditional methods – not a potter's wheel in sight!

Getting around on La Gomera.

The best way to get around on holidays to La Gomera is by car – and, despite what some people may think, it's surprisingly easy. The roads are wide (although quite bendy!), well-maintained and easy to navigate, with plenty of clear signposting. Even if you don't pre-book a hire car we recommend you take your driving licence in case you change your mind on arrival. For your convenience, rental cars will be delivered to the hotel and collected at the end of the rental period.

If you plan to explore on public transport, there are reasonably priced buses that operate between the main towns.

Best things to buy on holidays to La Gomera include the local wine, palm honey, hand-made local pottery and delicate clay wind chimes.