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Old World Charm and New Urban Vibrancy: Our Eastern Journey Escorted Tour

At Prestige Holidays, we pride ourselves on offering unique escorted tours all across the globe. Though each holiday has a charm of its own, some of our most popular are our Canada tours. Our culture-loving clients return time and time again to explore further realms of this North American paradise.

Our escorted Canada tours delve deep into culture and cover many of the country’s incredible landscapes. Whether you’re looking to explore the Rockies Trail, admire the local architecture or adventure around the Maritime islands, our tours offer an abundance of opportunities. Our Eastern Journey escorted tour is a personal favourite of mine since it allows visitors to explore not only the historic buildings, but urban cities and some stunning areas of natural beauty.

Unforgettable City Explorations

One of the elements I love most about this tour is the freedom. On arrival in Toronto, guests are invited to wander the city at their leisure, so I made sure to take my time and enjoy the scenic surroundings. Main attractions here include the numerous restaurants, the theatre districts and the vibrant, coloured houses in some more hidden neighbourhoods.

Our tour will also take the group to Canada’s famous capital, Ottawa. Enjoy the beautiful public gardens, explore the city hall and purchase local delicacies or souvenirs at Byward Market. Beauty is prevalent on every street and around every corner – make sure to bring your camera along to capture the magnificent buildings and landscapes.

Day four of our tour is a visit to Québec City, located in the French-speaking province of the same name and with unbeatable charm. The old city and historic ornate gates are the main attractions here, and add a new element of history to our already fascinating tour. Guests are offered yet another opportunity to explore at their leisure, so venture around the narrow streets, browse the boutiques or head out to sea for whale-watching.

Before returning to Toronto, we will take visitors to the dynamic city of Montréal. Here you can enjoy the unique arrangement of historic and contemporary architecture, the Olympic Complex and, of course, Old Montréal.


“Few tours offer such widespread exploration of so many great cities – this is the ideal holiday for those looking to discover a whole new world of culture.”

Majestic Natural Beauty

Intermingled with the city tours are explorations of natural beauty that you are sure to remember forever. Guests are free to enjoy some of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes throughout the tour, and there are some famous places that rightfully deserve more than a passing glance.

Day two is a great example – guests head to the Niagara Peninsula, passing small towns and the stunning Lake Ontario before arriving at the famous Falls. The group is allowed plenty of time to enjoy the breath-taking sight, so be sure to spend every moment admiring the cascading waters and verdant surroundings. There’s no other place quite like this.

While visiting Québec City, there is an opportunity to head out onto the St Lawrence River. Sit back, admire the surrounding landscape and look out for various fish swimming around in the water – you may even spot a whale. This relaxing venture is the perfect opportunity to rest tired legs after walking around the streets. This day of our tour also invites you to view the spectacular Montmorency Falls, another truly unforgettable sight.

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