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Take the Kids to Crete for Family Fun

When it comes to family fun, there are few places that can match Crete. With a wonderful climate, excellent scenery and a wide range of activities, this is the perfect holiday destination for young and old alike.

The largest Greek island, Crete is enviably warm and absolutely beautiful. Its rugged coves embrace shimmering waters while thriving agriculture in olives, oranges and grapes keeps the landscape vibrant. All this has made it a favourite spot for holidaymakers, and while exploring the area you’ll find that there’s more than enough on offer for a fun-filled getaway.

Riding Through the Mountains

One of the best ways to explore Crete’s stunning landscape is by bicycle. Most vehicle hire companies will offer bikes at reasonable rates for children as young as seven all the way up to adults, while younger children can be safely secured in baby seats.

Many operators offer tours, but adventurous families might want to plan their own routes. Different trails let you make the journey as challenging or relaxing as you like, with some taking you through traditional Cretan villages. The one constant is the exceptional views.

Exploring Underground Caves

“A stalagmite might reach the ceiling. A stalactite clings tight before it falls.”

Teach your young ones the difference between the two in the most memorable way by showing them some of the island’s incredible caves. Sfentoni Cave, near Zoniana village, is especially remarkable, with rock features in kaleidoscopic colours.

In addition to their natural beauty, many of these caves are also archaeological sites with close links to history and myth. Dikteon Cave, on the slopes of the Dikti Mountains, is especially notable: home to ancient relics, it’s also the mythical site where king of gods Zeus was raised.

Minoan Myths

As noted above, Crete is home to an array of interesting stories. Making your children familiar with some of these legends can be a great way to build excitement for your holiday.

I still remember reading abridged and illustrated tales from Greek mythology as a child, and I’d have loved a chance to see some of the places I’d read about. From the flight of Icarus to the romance of Theseus and Ariadne to the monstrous Minotaur, there’s more than enough to get young ones fired up.

Sun, Sea and Sand

This destination isn’t all about exercise, atmosphere and history. As with most popular summer destinations, Crete has a lot of waterborne fun too. The stunning beaches are almost too numerous to list, but Afrata Bay and Hersonissos Cape are two standouts. Most beaches offer windsurfing, kayaking and other sporting opportunities, while scuba centres are especially popular in the north and cater to newbies and experienced divers alike.

Stay at St Nic’s

St Nicholas Bay Resort Hotel & Villas offers the perfect accommodation for your unforgettable family break. Rooms in low-rise buildings with ornate marble bathrooms lend a relaxing intimacy. Two seawater pools are available for guests and there’s a private beach as well as a gym. Umbrellas and beach towels are provided.

Children are well looked after at the Kid’s Club for four to twelve-year olds, featuring a cinema and a PlayStation. While they’re occupied, the adults can enjoy the wide range of bars and restaurants onsite.

Let Us Craft Your Perfect Holiday Experience

With all this on offer, you’d be forgiven for wanting to book up your Cretan getaway as soon as you can. Get in touch with Prestige Holidays to find the best holiday for you.

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