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Indulge Your Green Fingers in Tenerife: Garden Highlights of the Island

Verdant gardens overflowing with natural beauty are a hallmark of Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands and a perfect destination for nature lovers. Many of these amazing estates are easily accessible if you book a Tenerife resort holiday package in the towns of Puerto de la Cruz or Garachico.

Jardin Botanico

The Acclimatisation Gardens of La Orotava were created by King Carlos III more than 200 years ago to cultivate tropical plant species. In the two centuries since, this land has welcomed generations of naturalists intrigued by its sweeping collections of palms and other plants. The green is well located in Puerto De La Cruz and an accessible must-see from almost any Tenerife resort.

The Orchid Garden Sitio Litre

The Orchid Garden is actually the oldest in Tenerife, with a private mansion that dates back to 1730. The owners have thankfully opened up the grounds to visitors to show off the impressive display of orchids as well as the oldest and largest of the Canary Islands’ native Dragon trees, which are some of our favourites. Writer Agatha Christie and German botanist Alexander von Humboldt each visited the fabulous displays in their day.

Santa Cruz Palmetum

The Santa Cruz Palmetum is a miracle of natural renewal. What once was a municipal rubbish dump on the edge of the island has been transformed into a botanical hilltop paradise with views of streams, waterfalls and the sea. Now the place is practically a Tenerife resort in its own right. I reckon the diversity and magnificence of the superb collection of palm trees on the 12-hectare spot would be hard to surpass elsewhere.

Parque Del Drago

Travel a bit farther west along the coast and you’ll come across the Parque del Drago and its famous “thousand-year-old” Icod Dragon tree. It may actually be only 800 years old (but who’s counting?) yet this Icod Dragon is considered the oldest living thing on the island. It towers more than 16 metres in height and spans 20 metres around the base.

Hamilton Gardens

I always recommend the Hamilton Gardens to our clients as an exquisite chance to wander through the subtropical plant life native to the Canary Islands. In addition to experiencing a slice of the regional forests, visitors to this spot can also explore local vineyards and see a sample of the islands’ native grape varieties. The gardens are perched on the slopes of a ravine and make for an excellent spot to meander.

Victoria Park

The tiered terraces and scattered fountains of Victoria Park are a must-see site for travellers who enjoy beautiful landscaping. Designed by French architect Adolph Croquet, they were originally built as a mausoleum for a nobleman denied the right to a Christian burial. The nobleman was eventually granted the right to a Christian funeral, however, so now the park is merely a beautiful place to visit and enjoy the view of La Orotava’s old quarter.

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