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A Succulent Guide to Dining in Sandys Parish, Bermuda

If you’re a food lover heading to Bermuda, you will feel completely spoilt for choice in Sandys Parish. This western district is home to some wonderful pubs and restaurants, each offering varied menus showcasing Bermuda’s interesting cultural influences.

Bermuda is a real paradise for food connoisseurs – its unique cuisine consists of a mixture of English and Portuguese influences alongside various local seafood specialities. In addition to its diverse gastronomy, Bermuda is also known for its delicious rum and other authentic beverages.

No matter what your budget is, there’s always somewhere to experience fantastic food on your Bermudan escape, especially if you’re heading to Sandys Parish. Here are some of my top recommendations.

Woody’s Sports Bar

This hidden gem is untouched by tourism and provides a truly authentic Bermudan experience for visitors. Guests can enjoy freshly prepared seafood dishes inside the restaurant, on the sheltered veranda or the picnic benches on the grass.

The restaurant is mostly famous for its mouth-watering fish sandwiches, but also offers grilled fish, shrimp dishes, salads and chicken. There is a wide variety of beverages available too, from beers and wines to cocktails and whiskeys. The prices here are relatively low, so it’s the perfect place to visit if you’re travelling on a lower budget.

Woody’s Sports Bar is just a two-mile drive from the Royal Naval Dockyard in Somerset Village.

Frog & Onion Pub and Restaurant

This popular pub was opened in 1922 by a Frenchman and a Bermudian (hence ‘Frog and Onion’), and its Front Bar area is still known to be one of Bermuda’s largest bars. As well as the restaurant, guests can also enjoy the Frog & Onion’s games room, gift shop and outdoor seating area.

The pub serves classic English dishes such as fish and chips and sausage and mash, but also incorporates a Bermudan twist into parts of the menu. Innovative seafood dishes, flavoursome soups and fish chowders are also available to sample. Prices are a little higher than those of Woody’s Sports Bar, but for the quality of the food I consider this pub more than reasonable.

Easily reached by ferry from the city of Hamilton or by bus or taxi from Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa, this large building is located inside the dockyard complex.

Breezes Restaurant

Breezes is part of the Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa, and offers high-quality dishes in a gorgeous location, overlooking Long Bay Beach. Some tables are located on the sand whereas others are on a sheltered veranda – both offer equally exceptional views.

Food at Breezes includes local fish (served grilled or in the famous sandwich style), succulent chicken dishes, salads, soups and a wide variety of other options. There are also some delicious desserts available including banana splits and fresh fruits, and a large selection of drinks. Choose from fruity cocktails, aged rums, or sweet milkshakes – this restaurant certainly caters to all holidaymakers.

Though the meals come at a slightly higher price, the stunning scenery and magical atmosphere make it more than worth the extra cost.

Where to Stay

My personal recommendation for a holiday in Bermuda is the Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa. This adults-only resort has its own selection of bars and restaurants as well as other great facilities including tennis courts, a putting green and yoga facilities. Guests also have full access to the beach and can enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the Ocean Spa.

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