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From Land to Sea: Animals in the Canadian Wild

There are few destinations more accessible and abundant with wildlife than Canada. Its dramatic, rugged landscape is home to a vast number of animals, some of which are iconic symbols of the country. Allow Prestige Canada to take you on a wildlife adventure you’ll never forget… 

The title of our Pacific Rim Whales and Bears tour speaks for itself, because that’s exactly what you’ll see – along with a host of other wildlife. For our clients interested in getting to see the raw beauty of Canada’s landscape as well as the cultural offerings of Vancouver, I can’t recommend this tour highly enough.

We’ll take you to some of the most spectacular places in British Columbia, including the genteel city of Victoria, where you’ll head out on a whale watching excursion, and across the wilds of Vancouver Island. You will also be taken to the Pacific Rim National Park at Tofino to encounter the black bears. This seven-day tour is a nature lover’s absolute dream come true from start to finish.

Top Tip: This tour isn’t the only one we offer – if you’re looking for close encounters with wildlife, Prestige Canada has you covered whatever time of the year you’re looking to travel.


“Canada’s breathtaking landscape provides a palette of rich, raw scenery that is home to some of the world’s most iconic wildlife species.”

On Land: Black Bear Country

Naturally, the star of the show on land is the black bear. Despite being the smallest of the three species found in North America, seeing one in the wild is a truly thrilling experience. As their name suggests their fur is black, with a brown muzzle. They have a varied diet of nuts, berries, insects, salmon and some small mammals. They tend to lead a solitary existence, however you may have the chance to see a mother and her cub, which is a very special experience.

Excursion to Tofino

In Tofino, which falls under the protection of the National Park, bears still roam their territory as they’ve done for centuries. The pristine environment of Vancouver Island lends itself to multiple sightings, and on our tour you can see them at their feeding grounds. Then you’ll have the opportunity to explore the sands of Long Island on foot and take one (or more) of the many hiking trails to immerse yourself in this unique landscape.

Top Tip: Want to be in the know before you go? Get some more information on the bears of Canada with our bumper guide.

At Sea: Magnificent Marine Animals

Canada is renowned for its prime whale watching territory and this tour takes you on an exhilarating excursion to encounter the magnificent humpback whales that inhabit the waters around Victoria. They gather around the coastlines to feed and travel vast distances on their annual migrations. The moving song of the humpback is one of the most spine-tingling sounds I’ve ever heard, and these marine mammals have a special place in the hearts of so many.

A Memorable and Magical Experience

We’ll take you out of Victoria in a specialised Zodiac vessel to get up oh-so-close and personal (but very safely) with these magnificent creatures as we traverse up to 80 kilometres of coastline. The definitive vision of a humpback breaching in the Canadian icy waters within close proximity is also one I can guarantee will stay with you for life – as it has done for me.

Let Us Craft Your Perfect Holiday Experience

Want to meet the amazing bears and whales of Canada? Get in touch with one of our expert advisors so we can help you plan the perfect Canadian holiday itinerary. They can help you with all the details and make sure you make the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime wildlife opportunity. 

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