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New Forest Adventures: Our Wildlife Photography Residential

Combine your love of photography and nature on our New Forest-based Wildlife Photography Workshop. Learn from an expert and improve your camera skills, all while you are surrounded by the stunning scenery of the New Forest.

We offer many wildlife tours abroad, but you don’t have to leave the UK to encounter a highly diverse and beautiful range of flora and fauna. Join our exciting workshop for a chance to learn from nature photography expert John Combes, to improve your understanding of how your DSLR works and, of course, to snap gorgeous photos of the area’s plants and animals that you will treasure for a lifetime.

The Workshop

Our immersive four-night workshop focuses on the following:

  • Acquiring new photography techniques and ideas.
  • How to find and approach the plants and animals you wish to photograph.
  • Gaining more control over your camera so you can get better pictures of different nature subjects.
  • Improving composition and other technical skills.

Day One

On the afternoon of the first day you’ll arrive at Moorhill House, a favourite hotel of ours that will also be your accommodation for the remainder of the workshop. After settling into your room, you’ll have a chance to relax as you enjoy an afternoon tea. In the evening, we’ve scheduled a fascinating presentation by a New Forest Parks Authority member that you are more than welcome to attend.

Day Two

The first full day will begin with an introduction and photography session led by John Combes. We’ve chosen the Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve for your first field expedition. There you will have the opportunity to practice your newfound skills and get some shots of the area’s insects and birds before continuing on to photograph insects and flowers at another of our favourite spots in New Forest, the Chalkhill Nature Reserve.

Day Three

Your morning will be spent in the Keyhaven Marshes discovering the avian life – keep an eye out for the birds of prey, waders and wildfowl. In the afternoon, we will take you to the Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary where you will have a chance to snap photos of the fallow deer that live there.

Day Four

The last full day is perhaps the most exciting one. We will travel to Brownsea Island by ferry and get up close and personal with the animals that live there (such as gulls, terns and red squirrels) for some truly fantastic photography opportunities. We’ve also organised a treat as our final activity. When the sun begins to go down, you will have the chance to spend the evening at an active badger set – another opportunity to snap a once-in-a-lifetime photo.

Day Five

Our tour concludes with coffee and an informal review.

Meet Our Resident Expert: John Combes

John Combes, who lives on the outskirts of the New Forest, was a business studies lecturer for over 30 years. Once he retired, he decided to focus on another passion – wildlife photography. For the past ten years he has been holding nature photography workshops and combining his passion for teaching with his passion for snapping the perfect photo of flora and fauna.

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