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Pack for a Purpose: Ethical Travel at the Kasbah Tamadot

There’s so much to see and do on a holiday in Morocco. Whether you’re a culture lover, nature enthusiast or a gourmet connoisseur, you’ll never tire of this beautiful country. Moroccan holidays are also well-suited to globetrotters and ethical travellers – if that’s you, here’s why you’ll love this African adventure.

Morocco is relatively well known for its charity initiatives run by the Eve Branson Foundation, which aim to help locals living in the country’s more remote villages to access schooling and eventually generate their own income. If you have an ethical conscience and are keen to get involved with local communities, this could be the perfect place for your next getaway.

The Pack for a Purpose Project

The Kasbah Tamadot hotel supports the Pack for a Purpose project (founded by Eve Branson) in order to supply the local community with much-needed resources and equipment. Donations made by the Kasbah Tamadot hotel guests provide the village craft houses and local schools with the materials they require to improve learning opportunities for the Berber people.

There are various charitable projects going on in the villages, all looking to improve the lives of the locals. Whether this is done by improving access to education, teaching new skills or providing craft training programmes, donated resources are vital if this is to continue.

Kasbah Tamadot visitors are encouraged to ‘Pack for a Purpose’, meaning they can bring their own donations in their luggage to help support the local projects. Lists of materials that are required can be found online, but include items such as craft supplies, bags, healthcare products, clothing and toys.

The Foundation

Eve Branson, mother of Sir Richard Branson, set up her foundation shortly after a visit to Morocco in the 1990s. Her overarching aim was to enrich the lives of those living in the remote villages surrounding the High Atlas Mountains.

Following her decision to start the charity, Eve set up the first of three craft houses, called Tansghart. The aim of these craft houses was to provide young women with an opportunity to make a living for themselves by producing and selling artisan goods.

The non-profit organisation now has various partners working together to support community initiatives including access to education, healthcare, environmental issues and general wellbeing. Since the beginning of the project, the lives of the Berber people have dramatically changed for the better, and will hopefully continue to improve as more donations are made.

Stay in Kasbah Tamadot

For a fully immersive experience, I highly recommend a stay in the famed Kasbah Tamadot. Here you can get involved in the Pack for a Purpose project and enjoy day excursions to the Eve Branson Foundation Workshops in the surrounding villages.

The hotel itself is hidden amongst verdant gardens, with colourful countryside views enjoyed from anywhere on the property. Small, secluded and subtly luxurious, this is an ideal getaway for couples or solo travellers.

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If you’re intrigued about this fantastic movement and would like to venture to Morocco to discover even more and get involved, contact our specialist advisors and arrange your holiday of a lifetime.

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