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Sightseeing in Bermuda: Historic Homes and Heritage Sites

At Prestige Holidays, we make sure our clients get the most out of their adventures. If you love beach resorts but also want to experience a little culture on your next trip away, we’re recommending Bermuda for the complete package. Find out why you’ll love this island.

The white sands and turquoise waters of Bermuda tend to label the island as a regular, do-nothing beach resort, and many people are unaware of its hidden historic beauty. At Prestige Holidays, we believe there’s always more to discover, and we’ve found exactly what culture lovers will find so appealing. Choose from our extensive selection of Bermuda resorts and enjoy a relaxing holiday interspersed with some interesting cultural highlights. Here are some of the top spots, handpicked for you.

Historic Homes

Bermudian architecture never ceases to intrigue and delight me. Many of the beautiful buildings that are dotted around the island date back centuries and reflect its rich, historic past, so they are definitely worth seeking out if you’re a history buff.

Waterville House was once owned by the Trimingham family, who were known for opening the first Trimingham’s department store in 1842. Today, the building is the headquarters for the Bermuda National Trust, and houses the family’s heirlooms and some seventeenth-century furniture and oil paintings.

The Old Rectory, now a local bed-and-breakfast, was once the home of Captain George Drew, an infamous smuggler in the late seventeenth century. Some say his ghost still resides there… The building is also known for its unique staircase, which is said to have been designed to assure ladies didn’t show their ankles as they ascended.  

The Royal Naval Dockyard

You should definitely visit the Royal Naval Dockyard to add a little culture to your holiday. This buzzing, artistic hub of creativity features a colourful craft market, glasswork studios and several boutiques selling handmade jewellery and various other goods. Try your hand at pottery painting, discover maritime history at the National Museum of Bermuda and admire the replica of a Royal Navy ship. It provides a jam-packed day out to say the least.

Captivating Churches

There are a number of picturesque churches located around the island, showcasing various architectural styles ranging from the seventeenth century to the twentieth century. These are a couple of my favourites.

The Old Devonshire Church is unlike any other. It was first constructed in the 1600s, but was re-modelled a number of times before being restored to its original charm in 1970. Its cottage-like style and white limestone exterior attracts many visitors and it is also a popular wedding venue.

The famed Unfinished Church is also worth visiting. The building was intended to replace St Peter’s Church, but as the construction was never completed this unusual church has now become a popular tourist spot and wedding venue. The lack of ceiling and flooring makes for a rather romantic, fairy-tale setting.

Where to Stay 

My personal recommendation (particularly for couples) would have to be Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa. The resort features a number of picturesque cottages with various décor options from which to choose. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and four private beaches, a holiday cottage at Cambridge Beaches is the ideal place to put your feet up and enjoy a glass of wine after a busy day exploring.

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