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Discover the Royal Monuments of Hue on an Escorted Tour

Immerse yourself in an exotic cultural experience with one of our most intriguing tours. This holiday offers guests an expert insight into several south-east Asian cultures and a chance to explore both ancient and modern ways of life. Enjoy typical tourist highlights, hidden gems and magnificent historic landmarks.

We offer a range of excellent historical tours here at Prestige Holidays, but our south-east Asia experience is a particular favourite. With an extensive, jam-packed itinerary, our guests will explore numerous cultural highlights, visit several villages and cities and enjoy the gorgeous scenery everywhere they go. There really is nothing quite like this experience.

Itinerary Features

Highlights of the itinerary include a relaxing cruise around the scenic Lan Ha Bay and a vast exploration of the attractions in Hanoi, one of Asia’s bustling capitals. The cruise offers the opportunity to take a dip in the beautifully clear waters, while Hanoi boasts a selection of stunning buildings including the eleventh-century Temple of Literature and the Hanoi Opera House.


“This really is heaven for culture lovers – south-east Asia was everything I had hoped it would be.”

There are far too many attractions on the itinerary to mention here, but there is a detailed overview on our website.

The Best Bits

Though the tour is full of diverse, exciting attractions, what draws people the most are the royal monuments of Hue…

Thien Mu Pagoda

Day six of the tour will take guests on an exploration of Thien Mu Pagoda, a well-preserved religious site in Hue, Vietnam. Many regard the famous seven-tiered tower as the symbol of the city, and it attracts travellers – not only because of its historical importance, but also because of its unusual and beautiful architecture.

The monument was originally founded in 1601 by Nguyen Hoang, but the buildings surrounding it have been destroyed and rebuilt several times since. Because of this, the Pagoda has acquired new additions over time, one of which being the enormous bell (added in 1710) which weighs over 2000kg.

When visiting this sacred area, you will also have the chance to see the golden Buddha statue, Dai Hung Palace and various shrines. Thien Mu Pagoda is a true antique, and certainly a highlight on this tour – make sure to take your camera; you’ll want to remember the stunning surroundings forever.

Minh Mang Tomb

On the seventh day of your escorted tour, the group will visit Minh Mang tomb, located in An Bang village just a short journey from Hue. Emperor Minh Mang began building the tomb in the early nineteenth century, but passed away before its completion. His son, Emperor Thieu Tri continued the build and completed it in 1843.

Today, the majestic tomb is known for its impressive architecture and delightful forest setting. Visitors are often impressed by its scale; you will first be greeted with the main gate, Dai Hong Mon – a piece of art in itself. Around the tomb area are various constructions, including stone bridges, giant staircases and the beautiful Sung An Temple. There’s plenty more to explore around the area too; these historic masterpieces are just the main attractions.

Religious buildings and monuments in south-east Asia are built on such a scale that it’s difficult to fit everything in – an escorted tour provides you with more opportunity to explore, which is why we highly recommend this one to our clients.

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