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Waves and Water Sports: Active Family Fun in Bermuda

Soft white sand warmed by the sun and sparkling turquoise surf lapping at the shoreline: there’s no question about it, Bermuda’s beaches are legendary. This island is a tropical paradise perfect for escaping the monotony of everyday life – and a fantastic destination for the whole family.

Those seeking active fun in the sun will be especially pleased with Bermuda’s beaches. The ocean is crystal clear, a pleasant temperature and ideal for an array of water sports – from scuba diving to snorkelling, there’s something for every member of the family to dive into.

Discover an Underwater World

If you’re an experienced scuba diver, then you’ll already have Bermuda on your list of dream destinations. With over 300 wreckages, it’s renowned for being the shipwreck capital of the world and is currently listed by National Geographic as an unmissable diving destination. Coral reefs are also a highlight, thanks to strict protective laws which have kept them healthy and diverse. You’ll have the chance to see beautiful sea turtles and a rainbow-coloured assortment of tropical fish. There’s a whole magical universe below the surface just waiting to be discovered, making for a truly unforgettable experience.

Something for Everyone

With warm temperatures and a high salt density for extra buoyancy, the clear waters of Bermuda have some of the best diving and snorkelling conditions in the world. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a complete beginner who’d rather stick to snorkelling, there is an opportunity for those of all ages and abilities to experience beautiful treasures below the ocean’s surface.

Expert guides can lead more confident visitors to sites deep underneath the waves, but those who would rather snorkel near the surface can also experience some unimaginable sightings. You can easily marvel at the wrecks while snorkelling at a depth of only 25 feet.

If you’ve never scuba dived before but are keen to learn, Bermuda is the perfect place. Lessons are available for children as young as ten and, for the younger bunch, snorkelling is just as fun and still a top-class experience.


  • Snorkelling in Tobacco Bay: Great for all ages thanks to its shallow water. You’ll find all the essential amenities available as well, including restrooms and a snack bar, making for an ideal family day out.
  • The Hermes: A popular dive site, and with good reason. The entire 165-foot World War II buoy’s tender remains are still intact after being deliberately sunk – not to be missed.

Adventure on the Surface

Visitors who are passionate about water sports will appreciate the vast array on offer. Almost every aquatic activity you can imagine is possible in Bermuda, so gather the family together and take your pick.


Catch some air with this adrenaline-inducing activity at Elbow Beach, a popular spot amongst experienced surfers. As regular kite boarders will know, this isn’t a hobby for the fainthearted. Newcomers will find this challenging so if you are interested, seeking out professional instruction is advised.


Windsurfing is a fantastic option for beginners, although those of all abilities will enjoy trying their hand at this wind-powered activity. After just a single one-hour lesson, you’ll have enough training to try it out on your own. Popular spots are Achilles Bay and Shelly Bay Beach, each offering some of the best coastline views.


This extreme sport enables you to reach a height of nearly 35 feet in the air, rather like a water-fuelled jet-pack. It’s certainly a unique experience and one for the daredevil in your family.

Where to Stay: Fairmont Southampton

Set on the dreamy pink-sand beaches of the sensational south shore, this luxurious resort boasts around 100 acres of fragrant flowers and swaying coconut palms. Airy guestrooms offer private balconies, plenty of closet space and most provide guests with sensational ocean views.

Throughout the property, you’ll have access to excellent amenities, including tennis courts, a dive centre and an 18-hole championship golf club. There are ten top-class restaurants offering sumptuous dishes. Many of the children’s menus offer a healthy twist on some childhood favourites ensuring that even the fussiest eater is catered to.

Family Friendly

The Fairmont Southampton is located right on the beach – which means building sand castles and paddling in the water is on the doorstep of this beautiful resort. Visiting families will even receive a bucket and spade upon check in. There’s also a children’s pool that’s perfect for little ones and a jacuzzi, which is open for families to relax in.

For parents that would like some time for themselves, the Explorers Camp Kids’ Club is a fun place for children as young as five to make new friends. Childcare professionals offer a variety of activities such as arts and crafts, scavenger hunts and much more. The resort also offers fantastic childcare services outside of camp hours.

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