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In the Mood for Food: Autumnal Treats Abroad

If you are travelling abroad this autumn, experience the seasonal sensations that your chosen destination has to offer. This post will recommend the gourmet delights from Sicily, Croatia and Mallorca that you should seek on your next autumnal adventure.

Sicilian Delights

The range of mouth-watering cuisines in Sicily is outstanding, and the region’s seasonal dishes are renowned for capturing the unique and traditional flavours, particularly in autumn. If you are in Sicily during this time, you will be able to take full advantage of the harvests, where the olives and grapes are at their most delicious.

Prickly pears and roasted chestnuts are other seasonal specialities, and can be found in roadside kiosks in many local towns. Other local favourites include ‘peperonata’, which are sweet and sour peppers, and ‘caponata’, which is a relish consisting of aubergine, tomatoes olives and celery. Both have a sharp yet pleasant taste which is rather refreshing and certainly worth sampling while you’re there.

Where to Stay

For foodies, one of the best resorts in Sicily has to be Hotel Ghibli. Located in a quaint little town just by the waterfront, this resort is charming, picturesque and offers some fantastic food options. Being so close to the beach makes the seafood simply divine; taste some of the very best at the award-winning restaurant ‘Profumo di Cous Cous’.

Marvellous Mallorca Flavours

Mallorca’s Les Vergers Fiesta in October never fails to serve up the mouth-watering treats known as bunyols. These doughnut-shaped potato snacks can be found everywhere in Mallorca at this time of year, and are extremely popular among both locals and tourists.

Flour, eggs, yeast, butter and mashed potato are all combined, then the mixture is rolled into balls and fried in oil. A hole is made in each one (giving them the doughnut-like appearance). The fried bunyols are then sprinkled in sugar making them a delightful hot snack.

Where to Stay

If you’re looking for beautiful, luxury accommodation in Mallorca, Blau Privilege Potro Perto Beach Resort & Spa is the place for you. Being just a short walk from the fishing village of Porto Perto means you’ll benefit from an array of bars and restaurants on your doorstep. Not to mention the several open-air restaurants on site, which are renowned for their high-quality dishes.

Tastes of Croatia

The region of Istria in Croatia is well-known for its appetising truffles, and although they are served in dishes all year round, the very finest white truffles are dug from the ground in September at the start of the season (black truffles can be enjoyed from January).  

In celebration of these prized delicacies, you can make your way to Buzet or Livade for Istrian Truffle events. Here you can enjoy various truffle products and learn more about the hunting season. I would definitely recommend attending one of these events; the atmosphere is charming and there are opportunities to sample several dishes made with the exquisite local truffles.

Where to Stay

If you’re thinking about a holiday to Croatia, Hotel Nautica is a superb accommodation option and is located right on the waterfront. It is within easy walking distance of some fantastic shops, restaurants and bars, but has its own à la carte menu if you prefer to stay in the luxurious lounge setting of the hotel.

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