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Albanian Wine: Communism and the Çobo Winery

Discover the beautifully flavoursome wines of Albania as part of our comprehensive escorted tour around Albania and Macedonia. Raise your glass to some of the very best cultural attractions south-eastern Europe has to offer.

Whether you are a wine connoisseur looking for inspiring new tastes or simply an adventurer who enjoys exploring the flavours of the world, the wines of Albania are guaranteed to leave you longing for more. Paired with the rich history of surrounding towns and landmarks, this experience is a cultural sensation…

The Roots of Albanian Wine

Albania’s wine-making traditions date back to the Bronze Age, and so the country is known as one of the oldest wine producers in Europe. Early periods including the Roman and Byzantine eras saw a huge growth in the industry, and by the time the country was under a communist dictatorship in the 1940s, a number of operating wineries were in use (although private enterprises were prohibited).

The country’s extensive range of indigenous grapes has provided opportunities for Albanians to produce various types of wines, many of which are still made today. Consequently, an array of wine-related activities is now available to holidaymakers.

The Çobo Winery

The Çobo family began making wine in the 1900s, but were later forced to cease production due to the Communist laws. However, the family kept their traditions alive by passing stories and memories down generations, and were eventually able to resume their business in the 1990s.

Since then the company has continued to grow, now producing around 100,000 bottles of wine per year. The family takes great pride in the fantastic quality of their wines, and strives to maintain the unique, authentic identity that their vineyard has acquired.

The Çobo Winery is such a popular tourist attraction that we decided to include it as part of our Albania and Macedonia Escorted Tour.

Albania and Macedonia Escorted Tour

The tour offers an array of activities, each promising to reveal beautiful and unique elements of the two countries, including cultural, historic and natural marvels. Here are some of the highlights of the escorted tour:

  • Build on your historical knowledge and explore Kruja, the medieval capital of Albania. Home to the famous Albanian bunkers as well as a castle, a museum and a bazaar, there is plenty to discover in this vibrant town.
  • Stroll around the beautiful town of Ohrid before enjoying a calming boat trip across the lake.
  • Çobo Winery: situated at the base of Mt. Tomorri in the scenic city of Berat, you can experience delectable wine tastings (complete with local cheese and olives) and immerse yourself in history while exploring the Old Town.
  • Discover the ruins of the largest synagogue in the Balkans with a visit to Saranda resort.
  • Sveti Naum: browse the picturesque cafes and shops, admire the riverfront and visit the magnificent Orthodox cathedral. The beautiful architecture will give you a thrill.


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