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Holidaying in Lanzarote? The Food You Have to Try

The Canarian island of Lanzarote has an interesting cuisine, heavily influenced by Spanish settlers, as well as South American culture. In this post, discover some of the most appetizing dishes on offer on its sandy shores.

What to Eat in Lanzarote

Using our expert knowledge of Lanzarote, we have put together a list of local foods adventurous eaters must try when they visit. With our excellent hotel recommendation below, whether you seek out these delicacies in local restaurants or in the comfort of your luxury accommodation, you will not be disappointed.

From the Sea

When you are staying on the coast, you want to make the most of the delicious freshly caught fish and sea life on offer. In Lanzarote restaurants, the most common way to serve fish is fresh, whole and grilled with some local potatoes. Quality produce really shines in these simple dishes. I’d recommend wreckfish or Red Sea bream to taste something a little different. Alternatively, simply ask around and find out what is in season.

More adventurous eaters should try a starter of lapas (grilled limpets), which are often served with a fresh herb sauce. A year-round island favourite is grilled octopus, available almost anywhere. The crispy tentacles of the grilled octopus make a good starter, as well as a tasty nibble with cocktails or beer if you are having tapas.

On Land

A traditional dish you’ll see everywhere on the island is Papas Arrugadas con Mojo. Literally translated, this dish is called ‘wrinkled potatoes’. The scrumptious spuds are cooked in very salty water then dried out until their skin wrinkles. They are usually served with green and red mojo, a herby and a spicy dip or sauce.

My final recommendation is another traditional dish and is something you may not have come across before – goat. Though goat meat doesn’t have the best reputation in England, locals have been cooking it in Lanzarote for hundreds of years. They produce delicious stews with tender, juicy meat that will make you wonder why goat is not more commonly eaten. Look for cabrito or Cabra in the menu.

“For your first experience of goat meat, I recommend spending a little extra and treating yourself to a truly gourmet meal at one of Lanzarote’s excellent restaurants.”

Where to Stay: La Isla Y El Mar

La Isla Y El Mar is a chic, four-star hotel just a short walk away from the beach. With both one and two-bedroom suites, two pools, a sauna, steam bath and more, this hotel is ideal for discerning holiday-makers travelling alone or as a couple.

For Food Lovers

This modern hotel prides itself on both its international and its local cuisine, prepared from fresh produce. There is a range of food options: however, the Kentia Gourmet Club restaurant, offering diners stunning views across the Atlantic, will appeal to foodies. Kentia has a range of fresh and innovative salads, perfect for a light supper on a hot evening. They offer simple meals of fresh meat and fish cooked on the grill, as well as more inventive, avant-garde options with complex, intense flavours.

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