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Recommended Hiking Experiences in Puglia

Puglia is a real paradise for nature lovers. There are countless hiking and walking trails available that allow travellers to fully appreciate the immense surrounding beauty. If you’re searching for the perfect adventure holiday, this southern region of Italy is certainly worth exploring.

Boasting hundreds of kilometres of Mediterranean coastline and astonishing natural beauty, Puglia is the ideal spot for a nature holiday. Our clients never fail to fall in love with the striking unspoilt landscapes and charming coastal walking paths – there really is no place like Puglia.

The Routes around the Region

The authentic pathways winding around the glorious coastline are, to this day, regularly used by the locals. They link small towns, fishing villages and orchards, and are lined with striking limestone cliffs. As you travel along the routes, you can take your time and appreciate how these bleached cliffs and surrounding verdant fields contrast beautifully with the bright blues of the Adriatic – there’s no better way to enjoy the Italian coastline. Here are a few of my personal recommendations for walking trails in Puglia.

Otranto to Porto Badisco

From the old town of Otranto, follow the winding coastal route of level gravel all the way to Porto Badisco. Along the way you will find WWII bunkers, the Punta Palascia Lighthouse and, if you take a short detour, Bauxite Lake. This lake is a wonderful example of Italy’s hidden gems of natural beauty; the red earth surrounding the fresh emerald waters creates a gorgeous visual effect. The length of this route is 12.5km.


“The Bauxite Lake was definitely one of my highlights – staring into the waters I felt like I was in another world.”

Santa Cesarea Terme to Marittima

The delightful journey from Santa Cesarea Terme to Marittima (11.5km) leads travellers through an ancient Messapian town named Castro. This is a wonderful place to spend a couple of hours enjoying a hearty lunch before heading off again past Acquaviva Cove (a beautiful secluded inlet) and Acquaviva Valley. The dense forests of the valley provide some shaded spots, so you can cool down before arriving in the village of Marittima

Marina Serra to Gagliano del Capo

The journey from Marina Serra to Gagliano del Capo passes several unmissable spots. Enjoy the rocky beach at Novaglie before exploring the hidden caves in Sentiero delle Cipolliane, then venture further for a swim in the bright blue waters under Ciolo Bridge. This route is full of exciting adventure and is 12.5km long.

Where to Stay

For luxury living in a quaint, historical setting, I would recommend a stay at Patria Palace. This beautiful, newly renovated palazzo in Lecce is surrounded by baroque architecture, provides plenty of high-quality services and offers fine cuisine to enjoy on your return from days out exploring the nearby walking trails.

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