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Take a Walk on the Wild Side: The Marine Life of British Columbia

Ever dreamt about seeing the beautiful heart-shaped blow of a Pale Grey Whale or marvelling as sleek Orca pods rush by? The best of Canada’s marine wildlife can be spotted during one of Prestige’s Canada wildlife holidays.

It is no secret that Canada is home to some of the wildest animals in the natural world – read about their bears here! However, with the ‘Wildlife of British Columbia’ trip, our Canada experts have designed a brilliant tour which gives guests a glimpse into the magical world below the waves. Here are some of the amazing creatures you are likely to encounter.

The Pale Grey Whale

The Pale Grey Whale can be hard to spot, as they often travel alone and, unlike other species, do not breach. Instead, the whale sits unobtrusively at the surface. These whales, with their scarred, grey exterior are sometimes referred to as ‘breathing rocks’. Their blow rises three to four metres and is often heart-shaped making the whales a romantic sight for those on honeymoons or anniversary trips.

The pale grey whale can grow up to fourteen metres and has no dorsal fin, only a small hump and a row of ‘knuckles’ stretching two-thirds of the way down the body.

The Orca

The Orca, commonly called the Killer Whale, is the largest member of the dolphin family. Unlike the Pale Grey Whale, the Orca is a very sociable animal and lives in family groups known as pods. The creatures can grow up to nine metres long and a female can expect to live twenty-nine years in the wild – the lifespan of a male Orca is just seventeen years.


“The Orca, with its unmistakable markings, is a true highlight of the tour.”


Orcas are commonly spotted in British Columbia and have iconic pointed dorsal fins as well as bright, white markings. Though we still have much to learn about how their pods function, we know that they communicate using squeaks, whistles and whines from air-filled nasal sacs. Each pod makes its own distinctive sounds and an Orca can recognise its pod from miles away.

Seals and Sealions

Though they can survive for weeks at sea, visitors to British Columbia will often see Harbour Seals relaxing on the rocky coast. From the shoreline, the seals can rest and keep a wary eye out for predators – particularly Killer Whales.


“Harbour Seals are a common sight but never fail to delight as they relax, warming up in the sun.”

Huge Stellar Sea Lions are among the more impressive creatures that you’ll encounter when you explore Canada wildlife. Holiday with Prestige and you will have an opportunity to see them in their natural habitat as they are often spotted during whale-watching trips.

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Prestige Canada’s incredible ‘Wildlife of British Columbia Tour’ offers opportunities to see all this and more. For details, or to book a Canada wildlife holiday, give our knowledgeable advisors a call.  

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