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Make Memories in Madeira on a Family Holiday

Experience the beauty of Madeira on an unforgettable family adventure. Part of the  Portuguese Archipelago, the island offers turquoise waters and countless opportunities for children to discover the natural marvels surrounding the authentic towns and cities. What better place to enjoy a family getaway?

There are numerous options when it comes to holidays in Madeira, but in this post I’ll be focusing on my personal recommendations for family holidays to this destination. If you and your children love adventure, nature and exploring the wonders of the sea, this is the ideal destination for you.

Sail the Seas

Take a trip out to sea on the Santa Maria, a replica of Christopher Columbus’s ship – the youngsters will adore this pirate-like vessel! Alternative options for sea-travel include catamarans, sail boats or speedboats, all of which are readily available in several locations around the islands.

Any boat-trip experience around the islands is sure to delight both adults and children, as it is likely that you will be able to spot whales and dolphins. These majestic creatures never fail to take my breath away. Some boat trips also allow passengers to jump into the sea from the vessel to cool down – another feature your daredevils tend to enjoy, particularly because you will often find small fish swimming nearby (they are usually quite easy to spot since the water is so clear).

The São Vicente Caves

If your children are geography lovers, these unusual caves are sure to astonish them. Complete with a 3D cinema and an enchanting museum, the São Vicente Caves make an excellent day trip.

The caves display a striking natural phenomenon: passageways that are thousands of years old formed by volcanic lava being forced through the rock. Some passages are large enough to allow visitors to walk through them – this unique experience is certainly one you will never forget.

Play at the Parks

All youngsters love parks, and there are several to choose form in Madeira. Perhaps spend a day at Aquaparque, a well-equipped waterpark with attractions catering to adults and children alike. Other options include the small Madeira Theme Park which offers several playgrounds and a lake complete with rowing boats for public use. The aquarium is yet another popular spot for families; children love the fantastic array of marine life on display.

Find a Souvenir 

We’re all aware that youngsters love to spend their pocket money, so why not make a stop at Lavradores Market and admire the handcrafted wares on offer? Locals sell wicker baskets, traditional instruments, handmade garments and a wide range of other products. There are also numerous food stalls selling unusual fruits and other delicious produce. This is a great place to visit towards the end of your stay as you can purchase a variety of gifts for family and friends.

Where to Stay

For a stress-free holiday with the family, I would definitely recommend Savoy Calheta Beach Hotel. This all-inclusive resort has everything you could possibly desire, from spa facilities and a beachfront pool to a children’s club and babysitting. Everything is arranged, allowing you to finally relax and enjoy a few peaceful pool days.

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