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Hidden Gems in Tenerife for the Curious Traveller

What do you see when you picture Tenerife? Resorts with wild parties, crowded beaches and soaking up the sun may immediately come to mind. However, this fantastic destination in the Canaries has so much more than meets the eye.

When travelling to a tourist hotspot, it can be difficult to know how to uncover the precious hidden gems it offers. Our team at Prestige Holidays has taken the time to find them for you – if you’re looking for a unique holiday filled with hidden beaches and rustic relaxation, read on to discover the side of Tenerife they don’t show you in the travel brochure.

La Caleta de Adeje

This dreamy little fishing town on the west coast of Tenerife is perfect for free spirits who want to unearth hidden treasures – and what better place to do a little digging than the beach? There is one in the area that is lovely, relaxing and, despite its lesser-known status, well worth visiting. It goes by many names, most commonly Playa de la Diego Hérnandez or Playa Blanca.

What makes this beach so unique are the inhabitants who call it home – ‘hippies’ who have turned their back on capitalism and social obligations and choose to live in small huts and tents on the sandy shore instead. They give the beach a colourful, friendly atmosphere and, if you catch them at the right moment, you might even get treated to an impromptu concert.

Where to Stay

If you’re not keen on camping out, don’t worry – there are other suitable accommodation options in Tenerife. Resorts are plentiful, but we recommend staying at Royal Hideaway Corales Beach Hotel in La Caleta. This adults-only hotel is just a ten-minute drive from the city centre and offers restaurants supervised by Michelin Star chefs, breath-taking ocean-view rooms and heated saltwater pools. Chic, spacious and comfortable, the Royal Hideaway Corales is the perfect stylish hideaway for you.


The almost surreally gorgeous town of Vilaflor is relatively unknown to tourists, making it a peaceful getaway for those savvy enough to have heard of it. This quaint village is surrounded by pine trees and is 1,500 metres above sea level, making it Spain’s highest municipality.

Travellers keeping their eyes peeled for off-the-beaten-track destinations need look no further. Vilaflor is the ideal mix of scenic beauty, country atmosphere, small town relaxation and fascinating history.

Where to Stay

When visiting the hidden gems of Tenerife, resort choices should match your destination – therefore, a quiet, relaxing town means quiet, relaxing accommodation. Spa Villalba is the perfect place for an adults-only rural rest. Here you can rejuvenate by taking a hike down one of the eleven nearby walking trails, indulging in their spa services or having a meal at their gourmet restaurant as you sit on the terrace and gaze out over the local countryside.

Let Us Craft Your Perfect Holiday Experience

Discover the secret side of Tenerife – resorts in rural places, beaches filled with colourful occupants and sprawling pine forests. Get in touch with our team at Prestige to help you uncover all the hidden gems this island in the Canaries has to offer.

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