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Sicily for Sweethearts: the Most Romantic Hotels

Whether you and your partner want to explore ruins, forget the rest of the world exists while gazing intimately into each other’s eyes, or immerse yourself in local culture, Sicily is an incredibly romantic destination for couples.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a new relationship and planning your first holiday together, looking for the perfect honeymoon destination, celebrating your golden anniversary or you and your lover just want a chance to be alone together – Sicily is filled to the brim with romantic hotels you’re sure to fall in love with.

The Ashbee

Intimacy and The Ashbee are made for each other – you’ll feel it the second you enter their gates and romance can be found around every corner. From the rooftop terrace with breathtaking views of the coastline, to the amorous restaurant and the gorgeous gardens, this luxurious hotel is the ideal getaway for lovers.

You’ll have the opportunity to snuggle up to your sweetheart with a cocktail, take a dip in the infinity pool or get a couple’s massage at their fantastic spa. Or, if you’re in the mood for a day (or night) out, head into the lively resort centre for cultural attractions, shopping and restaurants and bars.


‘The Ashbee for luxury, for personal service, for a superb location – for your honeymoon in Sicily, an anniversary, or just because you love being spoilt!’

Villa Athena

Couples who think a romantic holiday should be a balance of exploring and relaxing will love the Villa Athena almost as much as they love each other. While there are traditional intimate experiences, such as an alfresco meal on the Terrace of the Gods as a pianist serenades you and long walks through olive groves, this hotel is also the perfect base for the sweethearts who want a taste of the local flavours.

Head out to the lovely fishing town of Sciacca or get a tan on the gorgeous beaches at Scala dei Turchi. If you’re into history, consider a trip to the Roman Villa at Piazza Armerina, or explore the Valley of the Temples, an archaeological site in Agrigento (Villa Athena even has a private entrance into it).

Palazzo Failla

Independent and culture-conscious couples will enjoy the Palazzo Failla. Staying here will give you privacy from the outside world, as well as the opportunity to discover lots of the hidden gems in the nearby city of Modica. The 15-minute walk from the hotel takes you past several Baroque churches and, once you arrive in the centre, there is a good selection of bars, restaurants, pavement cafes and cultural attractions.

Insider Tip: Foodie couples should consider planning their visit to coincide with the international chocolate festival, create their own aphrodisiacs during a private cooking lesson or indulge in a local wine tasting.

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