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Flower Power: the Terrific Flora of Tenerife

Tenerife is home to over 800 unique species of flora and fauna, making it an unmissable destination for any nature lovers. Get in touch with our friendly advisors today if you want to start planning a perfect green-fingered holiday.

Flower Power in Tenerife

Exploring Tenerife you will discover a magical variety of vegetation. This variety is a happy happenstance that has come about as a result of microclimates created by the difference in altitude across the island, leading to the formation of multiple ecosystems. From barren deserts to sub-tropical forests, Mediterranean landscapes to mountain pines, Tenerife is the gift that keeps on giving.


“In Tenerife life springs from both the lush, green forests and the arid volcanic landscape.”

The island has six specific ecosystems at different altitudes including the Pine Forests, High Mountain, Laurel Forests and Canary Island spurges and tabaibas. Here are some highlights from different ecosystems you should look out for on your trip to Tenerife.

A Riot of Colour

The delicate Teide violet is common in Tenerife, often found blossoming at high altitudes. Its flowers come in a variety of colours but most often are a pretty violet or mauve with a splash of yellow in the centre. Another colourful species is the striking Red bugloss. This cone-shaped plant can grow up to two metres high and is covered in tiny red flowers during the spring. My final vivid favourite is the Flixweed. Spreading across much of Tenerife’s barren landscape, spring adorns the bush with bright yellow flowers bringing life to the volcanic wasteland.

The Weird and Wonderful

The dragon tree is an iconic symbol of the island, with closely pack branches topped with spikey bushels of leaves. There are some dragon trees on the island said to be hundreds of years old and their sap is thought to have medicinal properties. The Canarian pine is famous for other reasons, primarily its ability to withstand fire. The trees can thank their thick bark for their longevity. These tall trees are easily spotted in the mountains of the island and are endemic to Tenerife.

Laurel Forests

The laurel forests are a must-see for any nature-lovers visiting the island. These forests can be found in the mountains and were once common all over Africa, taking visitors back to a prehistoric time. The laurel forests contain many species of plants including, of course, laurels, along with heaths, willows, lichens, fayas and wild orange trees.

Where to Stay

We recommend staying at the peaceful Tigaiga during your holiday in Tenerife. This welcoming, family-run hotel has impeccable standards and a full range of amenities including a sauna, freshwater pool, comfortable lounge and bar. The gardens reveal panoramic views of the Orotava Valley and the Atlantic Ocean.


“A charming hotel perfect for green-fingered guests.”

To discover Tenerife’s native flora for yourself contact our knowledgeable advisors. They can help you plan the ideal trip that takes in all the island has to offer.

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To discover Tenerife’s native flora for yourself contact our knowledgeable advisors. They can help you plan the ideal trip that takes in all the island has to offer.

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