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Explore the Arctic in the Summer with Prestige Canada

Here comes the sun! In Canada, that means the wonderful and abundant wildlife for which the country is so famous is shrugging off those winter blues and getting active. Let Prestige Canada organise an unforgettable Arctic Summer Adventure escorted tour to encounter all creatures great and small.  

For nature lovers there are few destinations on the planet as aspirational as Canada. Come summer, the pristine landscape comes alive with wildlife on the move. In 2019, allow Prestige Canada to introduce you on one of the most exciting escorted tours we have come across – Canada never looked so good!

Get Wild About Canada’s Wildlife

On one of our favourite escorted tours, Canada affords you some truly unique opportunities to get up close (enough!) and personal with a huge range of species around Churchill, including some that are emblematic of the diverse and devastatingly beautiful landscape.


“Some of the world’s most intriguing and beautiful wildlife comes out to play in summer around Churchill.”

Polar Bears

As the ice of Hudson Bay melts, the polar bears return to their summer residence in Churchill. Accompanied by an expert guide, you’ll be taken from your three-day base at the Lazy Bear Lodge to one of the most remote areas in the region to view the bears. Up to 1,000 bears spend the summer here, and it’s an astounding experience to be able to disembark from the vessel and enjoy an up-close vantage of these magnificent creatures swimming and lazing in the sun.

Recommended reading for escorted tours: Canada’s iconic bear speciestake a look at my previous blog post and you’ll have your dinner conversation sorted for the duration of your trip.

Beluga Whales

Polar bears may rule the land, but the Beluga Whales of the western side of Hudson Bay rule the ocean in summer. Belugas are one of the most affable of all the whale species; these playful and curious creatures travel to the region to spend the summer months feeding in the abundant waters at the mouth of the Churchill River and Hudson Bay. Your guide will take you ashore at the Prince of Wales Fort and you’ll have the option of snorkelling or kayaking with these magical cetaceans. On a tour made up of must-sees and highlights, this would have to come close to the top.


“Kayaking or snorkelling with curious Beluga Whales against the backdrop of Hudson Bay is a true ‘pinch yourself’ moment.”

Other Wildlife

While the bears and whales are definitely the stars of the show on most wildlife-themed escorted tours, Canada is home to a host of smaller animals that you can see during your trip. Keep your eyes peeled for these two wily wildlife attractions:

  • The Arctic Fox: It may be small but the Arctic Fox is not only perfectly formed, it’s also perfectly adapted to its Arctic environment. Its magnificent fur affords it protection against a spine-chilling minus 50 degrees. The chance to observe it in summer will allow you to enjoy a quite unique characteristic: it changes colour from white (as camouflage against the snow) to brown or grey – the only canid to do so.
  • The Arctic Hare: Another small mammal that has adapted brilliantly to survive the harsh conditions, the Arctic Hare is a bit “catch me if you can” so it’s a real treat to see them. Their 360˚ vision allows them to be off at the slightest sign of danger and they can reach top speeds of up to 95kmph.

Let Us Craft Your Perfect Holiday Experience

If you’d like to make 2019 the year you visit Canada to experience its wonderful wildlife, feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly advisors. They’ll be able to help you make a booking for the superb Arctic Summer Adventure and answer any questions you may have. You might also want to consider our Wild Wonders of Western Canada escorted tour, to explore stunning Knight Inlet.

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