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Dreaming of the Ultimate Luxury Experience? Think Marbella

Perhaps the most important part of a super luxury holiday is the hotel you choose – lavish pampering, world-class dining and unbelievable amenities await you at these five-star resorts.

For anyone planning the ultimate luxury holiday experience, Marbella is the place you’ve been dreaming of. This stunning sunny spot has a bit of everything – history and culture, shopping and golf, beaches and a beautiful backdrop. Now all you need is an elite hotel to match.

Our team at Prestige Holidays has selected two of the most luxurious hotels here. If either of them catch your eye, please feel free to get in touch with us so we can help you build a leisure holiday you’ll never forget.

Puente Romano Marbella

If you’re seeking the comfort and pampering you can only find at a luxury hotel without the impersonal atmosphere typical of a resort, consider staying at Puente Romano Marbella. Built in 1974, it was inspired by a traditional Spanish village and to this day it has retained that relaxed feeling, while still offering every amenity you could possibly desire. Choose to say in a room, suite or villa – no matter which you pick, you will be amazed by the Mediterranean landscape-inspired interior designs. And, whether you want to wind down or work out during your time here, there’s a little bit of everything.

Those looking for serenity can tan on the beach (there’s direct beach access), eat at one of the eleven restaurants (each featuring its own menu), wander through the botanical gardens, or indulge in a cocktail in the open air courtyard. However, the most tranquil experience Puente Romano offers is the Six Senses Spa. With individually tailored natural treatments and facilities, the spa’s specially-trained experts will refresh your body and mind with services such as a variety of massages, facials, wellness therapies and body and beauty treatments.

For those who wish to stay active during their stay, Puente Romano has tennis courts (both regular and paddle), a fitness centre, three outdoor swimming pools, an Equestrian centre, a private golf course, and water sports such as sailing and jet skiing.

Puente Romano Marbella is the ideal choice for those who want a unique and blissful repose at a world-class beach resort unlike any other.

Marbella Club Golf Hotel Resort and Spa

Travellers who desire the lavish and leisurely stays one can only find in a superlative resort need look no further than Marbella Club Golf Hotel Resort & Spa. Luxury is synonymous with the Marbella Club, and you will find it in every room, suite and villa they offer. They have a large selection of restaurants, buffets and bars, serving world-class food and drink ranging from intimate candlelit dinners at The Grill to a relaxed buffet on the beach at Beach Club to indulgent drinks, tasty nibbles and live jazz at Champagne Room.

If you’re looking to experience slow living, head to Marbella Club Wellness, located in their gorgeous botanical gardens. Their holistic living techniques are customised for each individual, and centre on the philosophy of ‘Wellbeing, Spa, Nutrition and Fitness’.

  • Wellbeing encourages you to nurture your mind and body with meditation, yoga and Pilates.
  • Spa lets you relax as an expert team of practitioners and therapists personalise the treatments and rituals they administer on you.
  • Nutrition nourishes your body with a fresh, healthy, natural and delicious Mediterranean diet.
  • Fitness teaches you meditation, mindfulness and high-energy exercises, as well as taking you on walks, bike rides and hikes.

Other amenities include a riding club, a tennis court, an 18-hole golf course, a gym with all the latest fitness technology and a beach club.

Indulge yourself with a stay at the Marbella Club Golf Hotel Resort & Spa if you crave luxury and lavishness in all aspects of your life.

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