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‘The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth’: Witness the Calgary Stampede

For over a century, the world-famous rodeo known as the Calgary Stampede has been keeping alive the history, excitement and energy of the American West – and Prestige Holidays has a passion for helping people connect with this unique Canadian experience.

Every July, over one million people gather in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, brought together by one common interest: the Calgary Stampede. Patrons adorn themselves in cowboy garb, buildings are decorated with a Wild West theme and the city gorges itself on barbecue. Visitors attend to see the largest rodeo in the entire world, lasting ten days and complete with competitions, concerts, wagon racing, and parades. The Calgary Stampede is something thousands of people look forward to every year – and we have helped many of our clients become a part of this tradition.

How It All Began

In 1912, an American cowboy named Guy Weadick had a grandiose idea: an enormous frontier contest. This colossal rodeo would feature the best ropers and riders the world had ever seen. After being rejected by patrons in venues across the United States and Europe, Weadick finally got a bite in Canada. The rest is history – ever since its debut, the Calgary Stampede has been a hit, and today it is deeply rooted into Calgary’s culture. A tangible reminder of how the West once was, the Stampede brings the community together while entertaining and educating the entire world.

When in Calgary…

The Rodeo

The main event of the Calgary Stampede is, predictably, the Rodeo itself. Our package ensures you’ll be able to watch world-class cowboys and cowgirls show off their roping and riding skills. This nail-biting, adrenaline-filled day is packed with nonstop ground-shaking action, including impressive bareback and saddled bronco riding. This three-hour event comes to a close with the most dangerous event of all: bull riding.

The Chuckwagon Derby

Horsepower and nerves of steel take charge at the Chuckwagon Derby. We make sure you’re in the middle of the action as you watch nine chuckwagon races, each contestant putting in their all as they desperately dash towards the finish line. This is truly an exhilarating and heart-stopping event, from start to finish line.

The Grandstand Show

Your experience will culminate in a place at the world-famous Grandstand Show. In our opinion, this is truly no better way to encounter local history. Highlighting Calgary’s most iconic moments and filled with amazing acrobatics, exploding fireworks, lavish live music shows and unbelievable athletics, this show will dazzle you for two hours. You’ll be left awe-struck, breathless and in love with Calgary.

À La Carte

Alongside the main shows, the Calgary Stampede offers activities (and things to eat) to ensure you never have a dull or hungry moment such as:

  • Live music
  • Pancake breakfasts
  • Carnival food
  • Amusement park rides

We want to help you create a holiday experience that is perfectly crafted to fit your desires and needs. If any of these extra events have caught your eye, don’t hesitate to connect with one of our knowledgeable representatives so we can add it to your personal itinerary.

Let Us Craft Your Perfect Holiday Experience

The excitement, the culture and the history of Calgary’s world-famous rodeo deserve to be experienced in the flesh. Bookings through Prestige Canada are now open for the 2019 Calgary Stampede. Let us help you join the millions of patrons who make this event an annual tradition.

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