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Teenager-Friendly Summer Holiday? We Recommend Palmanova in Majorca

Teenagers are like Goldilocks – this holiday is too hot, this one’s too cold. Will you ever find the one that’s just right? At Prestige, we’re here to help. We’ve found activities your adolescent is sure to love – and when your teen is happy, you’ll definitely have wonderful summer holiday.

It takes a bit of work planning holidays that suit your teenager. However, Palmanova in Mallorca is a spectacular base for families with older children. It’s far less rowdy than resorts such as Magaluf, but is still within walking distance. This way you can enjoy all the great, teenager-friendly activities it has to offer without exposing your children to its boisterous nightlife.

Teen-Tailored Activities

Adolescents are notoriously picky, so finding things they’ll actually want to do (that they aren’t too young or too old for) can be difficult. Luckily, Mallorca is ripe with activities for teens to do – and the best part is, most of them are outdoorsy, active adventures. Our team at Prestige has come up with some suggestions that are tailored to suit your teen.

Lessons and Courses

  • Tennis – With everything from summer camps to schools, it’s never been easier to learn this sport.
  • Scuba diving – Mallorca is known for having instructors that specialise in teaching young people how to dive.
  • Coasteering – No experience needed! Tell your teen to break out their swimming costume and make sure they have a big breakfast – they’re going to need the energy. Qualified instructors will teach them this multifaceted activity that combines rock climbing, caving, jumping, abseiling and swimming into one.
  • Sailing – If you’re going to be in Mallorca for a while, there are a variety of schools that offer two-week sailing courses.
  • Hiking – Led by an instructor, your teen can experience the gorgeous Tramuntana mountain range.
  • Canyoning – This is another one the adventure-seekers will want to learn: a mixture of climbing, walking, jumping, scrambling, swimming and abseiling as you travel through gorges and canyons.

Fun with Mum and Dad

  • Water parks – A great place for children and adults alike.
  • Adventure rooms – You and your teen must try to escape from a locked room using teamwork and your wits. This is a great family bonding experience.
  • Beach clubs – For teens who want to be treated like adults (and adults who want to relax), these are great options. Safe and trendy, your child can hang out by the pool and listen to the DJs while you enjoy a cheeky cocktail and a much-needed break.

Recommended Hotel

A good place to stay if you’ve got teenagers is Zafiro Palace in Palmanova. The rooms all have sofa beds and WiFi (which is an adolescent must). Market Buffet Restaurant is a laidback buffet breakfast and dinner option that hungry, growing teens will love (and won’t break the bank). Afterwards, take a dip in the swimming pool. With many all-inclusive options and within walking distance of the beach, this is a great, family-friendly accommodation choice.

Let Us Craft Your Perfect Holiday Experience

It can be a bit of a challenge planning a holiday when teenagers are involved. These picky creatures can seem impossible to please – luckily, here at Prestige Holidays we are experienced in creating getaways that the whole family will love. Please, feel free to reach out and see if we can help you with your upcoming holiday.

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