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White, Black, Pink or Pebble? Our Favourite Beaches

Have you ever wondered why it is we only have one word for beach in English? I certainly have. All over the world, there is a dizzying variety of coastlines offering up bright coloured sand, sapphire blue seas and stunning views. My only trouble is choosing one!

Pretty in Pink

West Whale Bay boasts a small and tranquil beach located on the west side of Southampton Parish in blissful Bermuda. It’s famous as the seasonal home to the majestic humpback whale, so binoculars are a must. It’s also known for an abundance of colours, bright turquoise waves lapping at the island’s distinctive pink sand. In the background lies as old fort set amongst jagged cliffs. I can think of no better way to spend an afternoon that relaxing on this tranquil stretch of heavenly beach.

If you’re looking to spend the night at this enchanting spot, I recommend staying at the Pompano Beach Club. It has a killer combination of private beach, water sports and dedicated cocktail bar. Like some of the beautiful clifftop hotels I’ve previously written about, the Pompano has incredibly views and top notch service.


“Sit atop one of the grassy knolls and glimpse unrivalled views across the Atlantic.”

Pebbled Perfection

The Zlatni Rat Beach may not have a perfect sounding name, but you’ll forget about that as you walk out along the long thin peninsula that reaches almost 500 metres out into the crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea. Over thousands of years, pebbles were deposited around the underwater reef, eventually creating an unusual “tongue” that sticks out from the Croatian coast. Nowadays, both tourists and surfers alike flock from around the world to enjoy the waves.

Stay at the Zlatni Rat Beach Hotel to be right in amongst the action. It’s only a two-minute walk from the waterfront, and probably even less to the cluster of bars and restaurants that serve the beach. I personally always enjoy the breakfast served here in the private restaurant. There’s also a whole host of water sports available to try (and believe me, this is the place to try them!)

Dramatic Black

The Playa Jardín in sunny Tenerife is one of Spain’s most picturesque beaches. Its surroundings were designed by Canarian artist César Manrique to exude beauty and opulence, and I have to say he succeeded. Tall, lazy palm trees rise up above the beautiful botanical gardens that are home to exotic and colourful flowers. Small waterfalls cascade gently into small rock pools, where you can spot some interesting marine life.

The beach itself is stunning: the distinctive black sand comes from the nearby volcano, Mount Teide, and makes a striking contrast to the sharp blue waters below. It’s perfect for all kind of beach days, with a section of calm water for snorkelling and choppier seas for surfing.

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