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Enjoy the East Coast Cuisine of Canada’s Maritime Provinces

Food is better when it’s shared – and the same goes for holiday experiences. Wine and dine in style as you meet new people on Prestige Canada’s escorted tour of the Maritime Provinces.

One of my favourite aspects of travelling is trying the local cuisine. You have a guilt-free excuse for eating every meal out at gorgeous restaurants – so why not book a holiday that allows for that, while allowing you to feed your cultural curiosities as well? Our award-winning team at Prestige Canada has carefully put together a guided tour that lets you experience all the best food, history and natural beauty the Maritime Provinces have to offer. From Nova Scotia to New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island, we’ve got everything planned – all you have to do is prepare to be amazed on this trip of a lifetime.

For the Love of Lobster

A coastal tour without lobster would be a disgrace – and New Brunswick has the best lobster around. This crustacean has fed the province for years, both literally and figuratively. It’s a delicacy enjoyed by tourists and locals alike, and countless fisherman make their living from catching lobster. We’ve selected the perfect boat tour for our itinerary. Experience a classy culinary dinner cruise on the waters of Shediac Bay that offers fascinating facts and a fresh lobster feast as you sail out on the water.

New Brunswick loves lobster so much that the city of Shediac, the Lobster Capital of the World, erected the World’s Largest Lobster as a tribute to the charismatic crustacean. The statue is eleven metres long, five metres wide, and five metres tall – it’s so big they even included a staircase next to it so that visitors could climb atop to have their photo taken.

Scrumptious Scallops and Wonderful Wines

In Digby, the Scallop Capital of the World, lobster takes the backseat to scallops. Eat your fill of this magnificent mussel as you take in the natural beauty and fresh sea air that surrounds you in this charming, enchanting and history-rich little fishing town.

No meal is complete without a glass of wine or two – and there’s no better tipple to perfectly compliment a seafood feast. Halifax is the city all wine connoisseurs will be waiting for. Our itinerary includes a tour and tasting at a local winery so you can squeeze every drop possible out of Canada’s prime wine country. You’ll learn about the techniques experts use to grow the organic grapes that make these world-famous wines. Become privy to the fascinating winemaking process all while sampling the product and snacking on perfectly paired nibbles.


“The province is best known for its crisp whites and sparkling wines.”

Let Us Craft Your Perfect Holiday Experience

From seafood to sightseeing, Prestige Canada knows that you want a classy culinary tour. You work so hard during the calendar year that you don’t want to have to work to relax – and that’s why we take care of the nitty gritty details to ensure your holiday is stress-free. Feed your soul and your body while visiting Canada’s gorgeous Maritime Provinces. Simply get in touch now to book your trip.

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