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Find the Heart of Art in Bermuda at the Royal Naval Dockyard

Bermuda is far more than just immaculate beaches and top notch golfing. Head to the west of the island to find the Royal Naval Dockyard, an inspiring hub of local art and artistry. I always recommended that our guests drop by to enjoy delicious treats, unique crafts and memorable art galleries.

After the American Revolution, the British were no longer able to use ports in the US, and so construction began in 1809 on the Royal Naval Dockyard. It became known as the “Gibraltar of the West”, and was the launching pad for a British attack on Washington, DC and Baltimore. We all know how that turned out… Now the dock serves as a cultural hub, and is the perfect place in which to explore Bermuda’s alternative side.

Discover Local Talent at the Bermuda Arts Centre

There’s always a fresh new exhibit on in the Bermuda Arts Centre. Here is the best place to see home-grown Bermudan talent, producing art through a variety of media tackling a myriad of themes. It’s the first stop on getting a taste of the island’s artistic flair, and a personal favourite of mine for sheer chill.

Explore Local Crafts at the Bermuda Craft Market

I love this energetic and charming market because you never know what you will leave with. Explore the many crafts for sale: delicate needlework, carved cedar trinkets, hand-made soap, even pepper jam. There are countless unique items on sale here – the perfect antidote to the usual travel souvenir.

Glass Blowing at the Dockyard Glassworks

Located in an old warehouse, the glassworks is where you come to see the magic happen. You can marvel at the skill (and sometimes daring) of the master glassblowers, and browse the many delightful one-of-a-kind pots and ornaments.

Pottery at the Jon Faulkner Gallery

If you’re feeling inspired by the glassworks, you can head to the Jon Faulkner Gallery where there are workshops for painting pottery. There is also an exhibition of professional ceramics, both from the local area and from international artists.

Drink In The Hall of History

You might feel as if you’ve had your fill of art but don’t leave without dropping by the National Museum of Bermuda. Local artist Graham Foster poured 7,000 hours of blood, sweat and tears into a frankly jaw-dropping mural, known as The Hall of History. The complex history of Bermuda and its citizens is squeezed into a mere 1,000ft² of space and is packed with local imagery and folklore, as well as modern history.

Recommended Hotel

As you know, I always like to recommend my clients a place to stay. If you want to be close to the vibrant hub of culture, Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa is only 15 minute’s drive away from the Royal Naval Dockyard. Tucked away on a peninsula, the hotel offers a variety of luxurious rooms, sumptuous spa facilities, and of course, private access to a stunning beach.

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