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Hotel of the Month: Park Hyatt Mallorca

We love Mallorca at Prestige, so we were excited to hear that Hyatt was opening a top-end hotel on the island. Happily, the reality exceeds our expectations. In this blog post, I describe the indulgent delights of my stay.

Rooms Rooms Rooms…

I have to start with my room. I know I should describe the location, ease of access and story behind the hotel first, but it’s impossible to resist going into raptures over the refined elegance of my five-star suite.

As befits a hotel that pays such attention to its place within the local landscape – the resort is dotted with Mallorcan shrubs and flowers – my first impression was of the ravishing sea-view outside the window. Part of what was so appealing was the understated décor of the room, which highlighted the vista at the same time as creating an addictive sense of tranquillity. Fast Wi-Fi, BOSE speakers and a useful tablet made me feel much more high-tech than I ever do in my day-to-day life…


“I never knew Italian marble was something I needed in my bathroom. I do now.”

Although I’m not usually a sucker for bathrooms, I was totally enamoured with this one, falling particularly hard for the tropical rain-style shower and the aristocratic, freestanding bath. When I tell you there was a TV facing the bathtub, you might forgive me for being so love-struck with this particular room!

And the Rest…

Forcing myself out of my plush cocoon of comfort, I eventually ventured out to explore the rest of the hotel. As it only opened in 2016, everything is in immaculate condition, but to my enormous relief there’s none of that impersonal, brand-new feeling. Instead, the owners have done a commendable job of combining state-of-the-art facilities with an authentic, traditional style.

With two swimming pools and a gym there’s plenty to keep an energetic guest occupied. Moreover – and, by this point, I should have ceased to be surprised at the luxury on offer – my mind was well and truly boggled by the quality of the hotel’s in-house spa. To top it all off, the hotel has cleverly paired up with its next-door neighbour, the Grupo Cap Vermell country club, allowing guests to access its tennis courts, pools and gym.


“I spent an unexpectedly glorious couple of hours lying on a heated bed made of sand…”

As the sun started to set, my thoughts turned from pampering to a good meal with a glass of wine. The hotel provides a veritable gastronomic tour by hosting a variety of restaurants on site. Alongside the Balearic Restaurant, which serves authentic dishes cooked with locally-sourced produce, there’s a tempting array of lively dining options, including the Tapas Bar, an Asian restaurant, and the Café Sa Plaça (I went for the Balearic, and had a memorably delicious meal).

The Local Area

When you’re not enjoying a lie-in in your sumptuous king-size bed, there’s plenty to do in the local area. It’s a breezy 1.5km drive from the hotel to the beautiful coastline at Canyamel, while the medieval town of Artà is also within easy reach, with its bustling markets, thriving monastery and Bronze Age remains.

Our well-travelled advisors have compiled a comprehensive guide to Mallorca as a holiday destination, providing handy hints that go beyond the tried-and-tested sun lounger on a beach scenario. The guide covers everything from a monastery where Chopin stayed, to a Roman city buried beneath a cathedral.

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