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The Wild Wonders of Western Canada: The Knight Inlet Lodge

The west coast of Canada is a nature lover’s Mecca. Come with Prestige Holidays to explore Knight Inlet, in the heart of beautiful British Columbia, and experience the drama, the serenity, the nature and the wilderness that once seen can never be forgotten.

As one of the premier spots on the planet to view the mighty grizzly bear, Knight Inlet draws nature loving travellers from around the world. This majestic landscape of ragged mountain peaks, temperate rainforests and crystal clear fjords provides the perfect habitat not only for bears, but also a proliferation of other wildlife.

The Wild Wonders of Western Canada

Our “Wild Wonders of Western Canada” tour takes you along the longest fjord in British Columbia to immerse in the expansive natural beauty of the landscape and the iconic wildlife of the region. Your amazing home base for the experience is just the beginning of the adventure…

Knight Inlet Lodge

Nestled into a protected cove, the contemporary floating Knight Inlet Lodge is made up of five separate cement floats, comprising guest rooms plus a lounge, dining room and interpretive centre. With a capacity for fewer than 40 guests, the accommodation is cosy and comfortable, and your experience can be as social or as private as you wish. The star feature though is, of course, the absolutely jaw-dropping views from the lodge’s magnificent forested vantage, tucked into one of the few protected anchorages in the inlet. Inimitable, immersive and absolutely unforgettable – you may never want to leave.

“Prolific wildlife and jaw dropping scenery are your constant companions in your spectacular base at Knight Inlet Lodge.”

Big, Beautiful Bears

Your base at Knight Inlet Lodge in Glendale Cove has been chosen for its astonishing concentration of grizzly bears in the surrounding area. While peak feeding season is in autumn, the spring and summer months also provide plenty of sightings of bears within a 10km radius of the lodge, as they follow the salmon up river and cubs begin to emerge for their first exploration of the world. Depending on the season, you’ll view the bears from the water, by boat and river stands, or from tree stands and platforms. While the focus is on seeing these magnificent animals in their natural habitat, guests’ safety is always paramount.

Marine Wildlife Tours

Compelling though they are, bears aren’t the only wildlife stars of the tour. Again, governed by the time of year, marine wildlife tours of the inlet allow close encounters with dolphins, porpoises, sea lions, seals and minke whales. For those travelling in the latter half of the year, orca and humpback whales join the list of possible sightings as they begin their migration to warmer waters. You’ll also have the opportunity to travel beyond Knight Inlet on an estuary excursion, visit Thompson and Bond Sounds to take in the proliferation of wildlife, and even paddle your own kayak through the inlet in one of the most serene and memorable experiences of the tour.


You can choose the duration of your tour based at Knight Inlet Lodge, between 3-7 days/2-6 nights.

Various departure dates are available in 2018, but please note that the boat viewing season for bears runs between May 21st to August 23rd, and the platform viewing season from August 24th to October 16th.

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Want to experience the magic and majesty of British Columbia for yourself? If you’d like to find out more about our tour “The Wild Wonders of Western Canada”, please contact one of our friendly advisors. They can provide more information about the itinerary and the fantastic Knight Inlet Lodge, and assist you with the booking process. Your next wildlife adventure awaits!

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