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Jordan: Land of the Nabateans

Against the backdrop of a vast desert landscape, Jordan’s storied heritage reveals one of the most fascinating and profound cultures on the planet. Adventure to this timeless land and uncover the secrets of its ancient history on Prestige Holidays’ escorted tour. 

This superb escorted tour introduces you to Jordan from north to south, taking in the iconic architecture of Petra, the relics of Christianity in Madaba, the crusader castle at Kerak, the ancient ruins of Amman, Jerash and Um Qais, and beyond to explore the desert castles of the east. For those with a head for history and a heart for adventure, Jordan is inimitable, unforgettable and totally unmissable.

“From the iconic red Lost City of Petra to the ancient basalt ruins of Um Qais, Jordan’s astounding diversity will capture the adventurer’s heart.”

Explore Ancient Ruins

Jordan’s rich heritage is magnificently displayed in its archaeological remains, which reveal the influence of its diverse peoples, including the Romans, Nabateans and Crusaders. It sits on a veritable crossroads of history and you’ll visit some of the most illuminating archaeological sites in the world.

In Jerash, often called the “Pompeii of the East”, you’ll explore the country’s most extensive Roman ruins. The vast site’s most famous monuments include its oval forum, the Temple of Artemis and the Arch of Hadrian.

The capital, Amman, is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. You’ll take a guided tour to introduce you to the Roman, Islamic and Byzantine architecture, including its ancient citadel.

You’ll also travel north of Amman to Umm Qais, one of the most important Greco-Roman cities on the eastern front of the Roman Empire, which once prospered under the rule of the Nabateans.

The Enchantment of Petra

One of the many highlights of the tour is a visit to the ancient “Lost City” of Petra, where an entire city was carved into the pink sandstone cliffs by the Nabateans in the second century AD. It was recently named one of the “new” Seven Wonders of the World. In one of the most evocative and unforgettable experiences of your life you’ll explore the former capital of the Nabatean Empire by candlelight and see a very different side to this UNESCO-listed World Heritage site.

“Exploring the history-laden pink sandstone cliffs of Petra by flickering candlelight is one of the highlights of the tour.”

The Desert Castles of the East

In a unique and fascinating addition to the itinerary, you’ll head into the eastern deserts on a day trip to tour the “Desert Castles of Jordan”, which are scattered throughout the arid landscape. Some of the earliest examples of Islamic architecture, the castles date back to around the seventh century and were constructed along important roads in what is thought to be for defensive and residential purposes.

Wadi Rum

Many cultures including the Nabateans have left their mark on the vast, stark landscape of the sand valley, Wadi Rum. You’ll tour the sandstone- and granite-lined valley to explore the rock paintings, petroglyphs and temples that define the history of a place quite unlike anywhere else on Earth.

Dip in the Dead Sea

You may have heard stories of the unusual properties of the waters of the Dead Sea – now it’s time for you to experience it for yourself. The Dead Sea is in fact a landlocked salt lake and its extreme mineral and salt content makes it very easy to float without any effort – in fact, more to the point, it’s virtually impossible not to float! Its waters are reputed to have special therapeutic value and we think if it was good enough for Cleopatra, it’s good enough for us!

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