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Countries of the Caucasus: An Escorted Tour

For adventurous history lovers seeking a unique experience, Prestige Holidays’ escorted tourof Georgia and Armenia reveals a fascinating crossroads of Muslim and Christian culture.

Encompassing some of the oldest Christian lands on the planet, the highland countries of the Caucasus are home to a fascinating religious history. But exploring the ancient cities and sacred sites of Georgia and Armenia also affords you the opportunity to travel through some of the most astonishing landscapes you’ll ever encounter.

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“From the stark, rugged alpine peaks of the Caucasus Mountain system to the lush vineyards of Imereti, these ancient lands have endured with an inimitable stoic grandeur.”

Highlights of Caucasus

With an itinerary that takes you from the dramatic setting of Georgia’s capital Tbilisi to the cultural depths of Armenia’s Yerevan, this exciting escorted tour takes in a history and landscape that’s defined by its diversity. Against magnificent mountainous backdrops, such as the dramatic peaks and gorges of the Svaneti region and Mt. Ararat (the highest peak in the Armenian highlands), you can’t help but fall under the cultural spell of these enigmatic lands.


Georgia’s capital is set in the picturesque valley of the Mtkvari River. It has shaken off the shackles of its former post-Soviet government to emerge as a vibrant, progressive city with one eye fixed firmly on the future. The cobbled streets of the charming old town are home to a mash-up of art nouveau, Soviet Modernist and Eastern Orthodox architecture, presided over by the magnificent fourth-century Narikala Fortress.

“Tbilisi has shaken off the shackles of its former post-Soviet government to emerge as a vibrant, progressive city with one eye fixed firmly on the future.”

Wine Tasting in Imereti

The beautiful Imereti region is home to an 8,000-year-old heritage of viticulture (one of the oldest in the world), so naturally there’ll be plenty of opportunities to sample the wine. Produced from a range of over 500 grape varieties that are grown in chemical-free soils, the wines are treated in a thousand-year-old tradition (maturing in earthenware vessels) to produce their unique and delicate flavour.


Visiting the fascinating cave dwellings and monastery carved into the rugged slopes of the Erusheti Mountain at Vardzia is one of the most exciting cultural highlights of the tour. Dating back to the twelfth century, the networks of underground halls were dug out of the rock under the orders of Queen Tamar, and were meant to serve as protection from the marauding Mongols. The mammoth underground fortress originally comprised 6000 apartments, but two thirds were destroyed in an earthquake one hundred years after its construction.


As one of the world’s oldest cities, Armenia’s capital is pulsing with history. Filled with ancient churches, mosques and monuments, you’ll explore the highlights, which include the Erebuni Fortress, Katoghike Church, the statue of Mother Armenia, the Republic Square, the Opera House and the famous and well-loved Saint Sarkis Cathedral.

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