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Go Greek: Three Superb Escorted Tours

Few places in the world can boast the long historical traditions of Greece. Join Prestige Holidays on our inspirational escorted tours to Crete, Macedonia and Peloponnese and discover the magic of these ancient cultures.

The influence of Greece has defined the course of history all over the world. From the ancient Minoan civilizations of Crete and the Mycenaean heritage of the Peloponnese to the mighty legacy of Alexander the Great in Macedonia, every corner of Greece is laden with stories, myths and legends, fascinating archaeological sites and breathtaking landscapes. Along with our expert Prestige Holidays’ guides, including the eminent Dr. Christina Hatzimichael, we invite you to immerse yourself in these three superb escorted tours.

Cultures of Crete

On our seven-night, eight-day escorted tour to explore the Cultures of Crete, you’ll encounter an island infused by the influences of everything from its original Minoan civilization to the Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans and even the legacy of the German occupation during World War II. We’ll expose you to the authentic flavours of this unique culture with the following highlights:

  • The island’s capital, Heraklion, home to the famous Minoan Palace of Knossos and the imposing Koules Fortress.
  • A boat trip out to Spinalonga, the former island leper colony with a truly intriguing history.
  • Explore the so-called WWII Abduction Route, along which Nazi General Heinrich Kreipe was secretly transported by British special agents during the occupation of Crete.
  • Visit the magnificent Plateau of Omalos, with its spectacular views over Samaria Gorge.
  • The opportunity to experience the island’s authentic music, dance and culture at a traditional folklore show.

“Encounter an island rich in culture infused by the influences of everything from the Minoans, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans, to the legacy of the German occupation.”

The Dramatic Peloponnese

Prestige Holidays is proud to offer this outstanding nine-night, ten-day escorted tour of the Dramatic Peloponnese, accompanied by the brilliant and engaging Dr. Christina Hatzimichael. As one of the most important Mycenaean civilizations in Greece and birthplace of the Olympic Games, you’ll visit some of the country’s most significant archaeological sites and immerse yourself in the mythology and history of this rugged and dramatic landscape. Highlights include:

  • Sunset over the Cape Sounion at the Temple of Poseidon.
  • A visit to the ambient ghost town of Mystras to discover its ancient legends.
  • Explore the Sanctuary of Delphi and search for an oracle!
  • Experience an authentic performance of an ancient Greek play at the evocative Theatre of Epidaurus.

“You’ll visit some of the country’s most significant archaeological sites and immerse in the mythology and history of this rugged and dramatic landscape.”

Macedonia, Land of Alexander and Aristotle

Our seven-night, eight-day escorted tour of Macedonia provides an insight into a small but mighty kingdom, which spread its power throughout the world under the indomitable influence of Alexander the Great and the father of Western philosophy, Aristotle. Accompanied, once again, by expert Dr. Christina Hatzimichael, the itinerary includes a host of important historical sites and areas of astonishing natural beauty, including:

  • The vast archaeological site of the ancient capital, Pella.
  • The royal tombs at Vergina, one of the most important discoveries of the twentieth century in Greece.
  • Stagira, birthplace of the great philosopher Aristotle.
  • The laidback and beautiful island of Thassos.

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