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Multi-Generational Breaks: Fun Destinations for All the Family

One of the best ways to create positive lasting memories is a family holiday. When it crosses generations to include extended family, it can strengthen the ties that bind even beyond expectations. Quality time spent together away from the stress of earning a living, education and the myriad other pressures of everyday life can be a truly joyous experience.

For most, the motivation behind a family holiday is simply the opportunity to spend time together. Parents can kick back and relax, children get to play to their hearts’ content, and grandparents are able to enjoy an extended interaction with their grandchildren.

However, more than any other kind of getaway, the success of a multi-generational holiday hinges on your choice of destination. We’ve helped countless clients find the right location for their cross-generational family holiday – the beautiful Algarve and Bermuda are high on my list. Both offer the perfect blend of activities and entertainment to put a smile on everyone‘s face. And that’s no small feat.

The Algarve: Pine Cliffs

The stunning Algarve region of Portugal already has that unbeatable combination of sun, sea and sand. For clients planning a holiday with their extended family, the Algarve is one of my top recommendations, offering the perfect delicate balance of activities, history and spectacular scenery. We are proud to have the fantastic Pine Cliffs Resort as part of our collection.

The Perfection of Pine Cliffs

It’s not for nothing Pine Cliffs has been billed as Europe’s Best Family Resort six times over. This luxury resort close to Albufeira enjoys an incredible vantage amidst the pine woods at the top of a cliff overlooking the brilliant blue ocean. And if that sounds irresistible, its onsite amenities will have you in raptures.

For the Children

We all know that happy children make for a happy holiday, and Pine Cliffs most definitely doesn’t disappoint on that score. The Junior Club, which caters for ages 8-13, provides endless entertainment with a wide range of activities including some they’ve probably never tried. Disc bowls, aim shooting, water ball, darts, crossbow, football and mini golf are just a few of the things on offer, and there’s also a weekly programme that encompasses some more traditional sports. For the little ones (6 months-8 years), Porto Pirata is just what the fun fairies ordered, with a pirate-themed playground complete with replica ships, bouncy castle and mini racetrack.

For the Adults

Where to start? This luxury resort is renowned for its fabulous golf course, where you can enjoy a leisurely round of golf delightfully distracted by views over the Atlantic. Aside from its stunning aspect, the Pine Cliffs Golf Course is one of the best-loved in the Algarve – treat yourself to the challenge of the Devil’s Parlour and you’ll see why. After a long, relaxing day on the green, what could be better than…some more relaxing? The opulent onsite Serenity Spa offers the ultimate pampering experience, with an extensive menu of services that includes couples’ massages, exclusive skin treatments and holistic wellness packages in the Thermal Oasis.

For the Whole Family

With a range of accommodation options in suites, townhouses or terraces, you’ll be able to facilitate the whole family in the comfort of multiple bedrooms and spacious sitting areas in which to relax without getting under each other’s feet. The family that plays together stays together, and with the beach at arms’ reach and onsite facilities including family restaurants, water sports and the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy, the resort offers the perfect bonding experience for all generations. You may never want to leave…

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Bermuda – Grotto Bay

Bermuda: just the name conjures up visions of an idyllic, sun-filled holiday. But beyond the iconic pink sand beaches and turquoise ocean, you might be surprised at just how much there is to see and do. At the risk of dragging out the old “something for everyone”, there really is something to appeal to all ages. Golf, sailing, underground caves, spa treatments and, of course, those beautiful beaches. Add to that recipe accommodation in the unbeatable Grotto Bay in Hamilton Parish, and it’s pretty much perfection on a (pink) plate.

For the Adults

It’s sometimes easy to forget that the family holiday is not only for the young ones. The Grotto Bay Beach Resort reminds you at every turn, so you can enjoy some guilt-free pleasure and pampering knowing the rest of the family is just as happy. The resort is situated very close to not one but two excellent golf courses, so it’s easy to sneak off (on the bus or by moped) for a hole or 18. There are regular yoga classes for some parent/grandparent bonding time, and the absolute favourite facility for older guests is the magnificent natural underground swimming pool in Cathedral Cave. Believe me when I tell you, your cares just float away. Throw in a spa treatment and you’re on your way to Nirvana.

For the Children

Children have their own kind of fun on offer designed especially for young holidaymakers, with the resort’s summer activity programme offering a host of activities. They can enjoy supervised water sports and structured excursions to the Dockyard, Tom Moore’s Jungle, Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo and glass-bottom boat tours. You’ll be the most popular parents in the schoolyard with the memorable experiences they’ll enjoy here – with and without you!

For the Whole Family

Grotto Bay really gets the balance right when it comes to catering for the multi-generational family holiday. Of course, it’s not just adults who enjoy the aforementioned Cathedral Cave, and youngsters will love the truly memorable experience of this watery underground wonderland of stalactites and stalagmites. As well as a safe private beach, as a family you can also take advantage of a raft (no pun intended) of sailing and snorkelling trips suitable for both younger and older visitors. A day out on the beautiful Ana Luna catamaran is something that can be enjoyed by all ages; snorkelling is entirely optional and grandparents are free to enjoy a glass of Champagne and watch the world go by. If it sounds perfect, it sounds just about right.

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