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Tropical Malaysia: the Wildlife Exploration of a Lifetime

If you’ve ever watched a wildlife documentary and wished you could be right there next to the cameraman… here’s your chance. Our Tropical Malaysia escorted tour offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the wildlife-rich peninsula of Malaysia, from the forests of Fraser’s Hill to the jungle trails of Taman Negara.

I’m particularly proud of this two-week tour, which takes advantage of the vast knowledge and enthusiasm of Nigel Marven, a television wildlife presenter and producer who has made numerous trips to film in the region. The itinerary is jam-packed with opportunities to see an abundance of tropical wildlife. I could wax lyrical about it all day, but here is a potted description of the tour to whet your appetite.

City Buzz: Kuala Lumpur

You will start your adventure in Malaysia’s impressive capital city, Kuala Lumpur. The term “melting pot” was invented for cities such as this: it’s a glass-and-steel oasis in the jungle, where you’ll find soaring skyscrapers alongside grand colonial buildings and ornate mosques and temples.

Stand-out Experiences:

  • An early evening walk around the city to soak up the sights
  • Dinner in China Town

Tropical Paradise: Fraser’s Hill

Just a two-hour drive away from the sleek architecture and urban buzz of Kuala Lumpur is Fraser’s Hill. This former hill station under British rule can only be reached via a narrow and twisting track; so narrow, in fact, that the direction of traffic changes every hour to let cars through one at a time (even hours for coming down the hill, odd hours for going up).

Its outstanding forest biodiversity has gained Fraser’s Hill notoriety as one of the best locations for bird watching in the world. Guests on our tour will have myriad opportunities to admire its plant and bird life during the three days spent here, from early morning hikes to spot some elusive avian species to night walks spent snake hunting with our expert tour guide, Nigel.

“I love snake hunting on Fraser’s Hill. Rare Red-headed Kraits and Blue Corals are a possibility, and Siamese Peninsula Pit Vipers are likely. We’ll definitely hear and maybe even see (it’s great fun trying!) the elusive Mountain Scops Owl.” – Nigel

Stand-out Experiences:

  • Night walks around the Telegraph Loop Trail to find nocturnal wildlife
  • A 1km hike along the Hemmant Trail to see an array of rare birds
  • A trip to the Jeriau Waterfall in the hope of seeing the famous David Bowie spider

Ancient Rainforest: Taman Negara

Next you will be taken deep into the ancient rainforest of Taman Negara, the largest and oldest national park in Malaysia. The journey to get there is a real adventure in and of itself, as you’ll float down the river through the heart of the jungle, catching glimpses of tropical birds, reptiles and fauna as you pass. Your accommodation for the four days will be the eco resort of Mutiara, which revels in its unique jungle surroundings while still providing the comfort of a luxury hotel.

Whether you are interested in birds, butterflies, monkeys, monitors or millipedes, the wildlife on display at Taman Negara is astounding. One of the aspects of the tour that clients often comment on is the chance to split into smaller groups at this stage in order to have a more intimate viewing experience.

“Taman Negara is fabulous and is the most ancient rainforest on earth. On our night safaris, there is a high possibility of seeing Leopard Cats (previously I saw three in one trip!) and Slow Loris. Both are real Asian classics. With any luck, we will also arrange as an optional extra to spend the night in a hide, which is a memorable experience and offers superb wildlife viewing and offers good chances of seeing Malayan Tapir and Gaur.” – Nigel

Stand-out Experiences:

  • Riverboat trips along remote stretches of the river, viewing wildlife such as the Malayan Water Monitor
  • Visits to the various hides and boardwalk trails to watch birds and butterflies
  • The world’s longest canopy walkway, offering incredible views of the rainforest and its inhabitants

Island Escape: Langkawi

The final leg of the tour revolves around the island paradise of Langkawi. Guests are always stunned by the accommodation we have picked: the Datai is a remote rainforest retreat that makes absolutely no compromise when it comes to luxury. Better yet, its extensive grounds are a haven for rare wildlife.

“The Datai is a luxury resort that’s a paradise for naturalists. The butterflies are eye-popping and Paradise Tree Snakes, the ones that glide, are often seen. I was blown away watching Hornbills and Dusky Langurs while eating breakfast. The hotel grounds are one of the best places in South East Asia for close looks at Colugos (Flying Lemurs).” – Nigel

Stand-out Experiences:

  • Watching Flying Lemurs from the grounds of your luxury hotel
  • Bird watching in the Kilim Karst Geopark
  • A night safari to find black turtles and water snakes

Let Us Craft Your Perfect Holiday Experience

This is a truly exceptional experience for lovers of wildlife, plant life, photography and adventure. If you’re interested in joining us in October 2018, get in touch with our dedicated team to plan your trip.

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