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Find Your Holiday Style: Multi-Centre

Like it or not, I’ve found that the best prepared holidays are usually the most enjoyable and successful. While it takes time to decide on your destination, how to get there, and where to stay, it’s certainly time well spent. As is making that other important choice: what kind of holiday? If you’re coming unstuck over this tricky issue, let me offer some insights, gleaned over the years, on multi-centre holidays.

A multi-centre holiday is when holidaymakers decide to visit multiple places – whether it be different cities or entire regions – over the course of their vacation. Such breaks have multiple benefits and advantages, which I’ll elaborate on in this post before tempting you with some examples from Prestige Holidays.

See More, Learn More

Probably the most obvious thing going for a multi-centre holiday is that you get to experience more. If this holiday is going to truly be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which you and your friends or partner have dreamed about and planned for years, then it makes sense to see as much as you can rather than limit yourself to one place. Seeing different parts of a country and heading away from the more popular destinations can definitely reveal local differences and the destination’s variety to the intrepid traveller.

Don’t Let Boredom Strike

There’s really no right or wrong way to travel – for some a fixed stay in one place is the best way to unwind and recharge the batteries. But many travellers will always be keen to hit the open road after a week or so, regardless of how beautiful or culturally stimulating a destination is. Familiarity breeds boredom: for such travellers variety is truly the spice of life. The thrill of throwing yourself into a new, completely alien place is essential and a multi-centre holiday will always offer that.

From City to Countryside

If you’re travelling with your partner or in a group it’s possible you won’t have the same mental list of things you have to do or see. With a multi-centre holiday comes the opportunity to balance out any possible conflicts: one week could be spent in a city, pounding the pavements from museum to gallery, from market to restaurant, while the next might be spent at a less hectic pace, chilling on an out-of-the-way beach or gently hiking in a remote national park in search of wildlife. This pick and mix approach is a great way of ensuring that, come the inevitable day of departure, the holiday won’t have been a disappointment for some and everyone has fulfilled their dreams.

Croatian Portrait

This possible itinerary ticks all the boxes: lots of variation, and destinations which are lesser-known yet bound to generate some wonderful experiences. On top of that, we’ll pick some suitable accommodation options from our wide selection of comfortable hotels, and we can even arrange a hire car for you. No stress, no fuss: just purely easy travel that will give you an authentic feel for this most stunning country.


Start off in the Croatian capital and get stuck into its delightful mix of quirky museums (there’s one dedicated to broken relationships), lively cafes and excellent evening entertainment – think opera and classical music recitals, at a sliver of the price in London.

Top Tip: Take a ride on the world’s shortest funicular railway, which connects the Upper and Lower Towns – a one-way journey only takes 55 seconds.

Plitvice Lakes

After the urban charms of Zagreb, move on to the bucolic Plitvice Lakes. This UNESCO-protected national park is made up of sixteen lakes that constantly change colour and are connected by waterfalls. Here are some suggested hiking routes:

  • Trail A: an easy 3.5km loop starting at Entrance 1, taking in the Great Waterfall and Kozjaka Bridge
  • Trail H: this moderate route starts at the upper lakes, where fewer visitors reach. It’s 8.9km and can include a boat trip across Lake Kozjaka
  • Trail K: a tough, but fantastic trail that takes in much of the park over 18.3km


This town on the Dalmatian coast is a wonderful place to complete your holiday. Watersports and boat trips are on offer, as are opportunities to party in a sea cave and eat on a boat which serves freshly caught fish. Or perhaps a lengthy sojourn on the peaceful pebble beach is all that’s required?

The Wonders of Sicily

A multi-centre holiday is absolutely perfect for such a diverse place as Sicily. This itinerary will get your finger on the pulse of this fascinating island. Once again, leave your accommodation and transport to us and we’ll let you get on with the exploring!

Western Sicily

To leave Sicily without having seen its western region is definitely a mistake in my book. Whether you choose to stay in Marsala, Menfi or Agrigento, rest assured you won’t be missing out on the region’s spectacular coastline, exquisite food and beguiling ancient ruins.

Top Tip: nature lovers will savour a trip to the eerily beautiful salt pans of Trapani (look out for the flamingos) and the Stagnone, Italy’s largest lagoon.


Move from the countryside to the city and get to grips with Sicily’s multiculturalism in the Baroque churches and Arabesque markets of Palermo. Don’t hesitate to try the delicious street food or explore the catacombs.

San Vito Lo Capo

San Vito Lo Capo is without doubt Sicily’s finest beach – believe me when I say there’s some tough competition there! The fine setting is complemented by a laidback mood – no nightclubs or discos – and some top-notch cuisine, centred around the local speciality cous cous. The Zingaro Nature Reserve is also nearby, and is great for hiking and snorkelling.

Let Us Craft Your Perfect Holiday Experience

If I have managed to pique your interest in a multi-centre holiday, then please contact a member of our expert team of advisors. Whether my suggested itineraries have captured your imagination or you have an idea of your own that you want to make a reality, we’re sure we can make it happen.

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