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A Luxury Rural Retreat: Holidays in Cyprus’ Akamas Peninsula

As one of the most authentic and unspoilt places in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is abundantly blessed in every way. Steeped in the culture and history of a proud people, it is also a place of outstanding natural beauty. At the western tip of the island, the Akamas Peninsula offers a bounty of flora and fauna and is home to the ultimate luxury nature retreat.

Cyprus is renowned for the diversity of its landscape, and from long stretches of sand and lush juniper forests to rugged cliffs, sea caves and tumbling sand dunes, the island is a true nature lover’s paradise. We’re very proud to have the outstanding Anassa Hotel as part of our Prestige Holidays’ collection. Overlooking the breathtaking coastline close to Latchi, the hotel provides an authentic rural escape, allowing guests to get back to nature and explore the beauty of the Akamas Peninsular in sublime luxury.

Discover the Natural Beauty of the Akamas Peninsula

Latchi is largely untouched by development, allowing it to retain the lovely ambience of an authentic Greek Cypriot fishing village. The village itself is set on the Akamas Peninsula, which encompasses about 230 square kilometres of the western tip of Cyprus and is renowned as both the most beautiful and ecologically important part of the island. The diversity of flora and fauna is nothing short of astounding, including many endangered species, and the region comes under the protection of the Akamas National Park.

The National Park

The National Park covers the entire peninsula and the area has been recognised as crucial to the ecology of the entire Mediterranean. I’ve heard the peninsula described as a “geographic mosaic”, which is a perfect depiction of its range of habitats. The landscape includes gorges, sea caves, dunes, deep valleys, hills and forests, and this incredible diversity gives rise to a proliferation of species. Along with 12 mammal species, it is home to 168 species of birds, 16 butterflies, 20 varieties of reptiles and a plethora of botanical species.

The Baths of Aphrodite

The National Park is networked by a raft of easy-to-navigate nature trails that take you along picturesque coastal areas, past idyllic beaches and through the dramatic Akamas Gorge. One of the most beautiful “secrets” I discovered was the wonderful Baths of Aphrodite, a natural cavern embraced by ferns, with a shaded pool fed by a spring. Legend has it that this is where Aphrodite met her Adonis… and when you’re in the location, it’s very easy to believe in the so-called rejuvenating powers of the waters.

The Flora and Fauna

With a host of resident and migratory species making the region home at various times of the year, the bird life is abundant. Snakes, foxes, bats, hedgehogs and lizards are just a few of the many animal species you may encounter around the nature trails of the National Park. Along with a carpet of wildflowers, the peninsula supports a range of rare endemic plants and, of the island’s 128 species, 39 of them can be found here.

The Turtle Colony

One of the most delightful experiences I can recommend to guests visiting the area is a visit to the turtle hatchery at Lara Bay. The beach is only accessible by boat, which makes the trip a lovely little adventure in its own right. Conservationists fiercely protect the safety of the resident green and loggerhead turtles’ eggs by burying their nests far away from not just their natural predators, but also from the human summer invasion. Their valuable work results in the release of around 6,000 hatchlings into the ocean every year.

The Anassa Hotel

In its unspoilt natural setting overlooking the beach, with views stretching out beyond the Akamas Peninsula, Anassa Hotel is only a couple of kilometres from Latchi, yet feels a million miles away from anywhere. Possessing the rare combination of luxury and authenticity, the hotel’s lovely natural garden setting gives it the air of a refined and sophisticated retreat. Offering a variety of accommodation options, guests can choose from beach-chic studios, elegant presidential suites and an opulent three-bedroom villa, complete with a private pool.

The hotel has four gourmet restaurants and a selection of bars, offering an expansive take on the seasonal and regional produce. You can choose to dine in cloistered cosiness or al-fresco, overlooking hills and fields of wildflowers while you eat. When it comes time for relaxation you’re spoilt for choice, thanks to three beautiful pools and the services of the indulgent Thalassa Spa, where you can choose from a range of detoxifying spa packages and the signature marine treatments.

In striking contrast to its rugged and secluded setting, the Anassa is a contemporary haven of luxury and sophistication.

Let Us Craft Your Perfect Holiday Experience

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