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Great Things in Small Packages: the Best Boutique Hotels

We at Prestige Holidays are proud to feature the most elegant European properties in our extensive portfolio. From first-class service to chic facilities, our hotels have it all – and if you’re looking for a holiday haven that goes above and beyond your wildest dreams, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

There’s a time for getaways in flashy hotels with overflowing buffet tables, more facilities than you can count and huge crowds of sociable guests. Of course, our team has plenty of recommendations for holidays in large hotels that are sure to keep you entertained. But what if you’d rather enjoy some peace and quiet in a cosy and luxurious setting? Not to worry: our collection contains several of Europe’s finest boutique hotels. Let me introduce you to the crème de la crème of our smallest properties, all of which offer the utmost degree of comfort and intimacy.

Interested in adding a funky edge to your luxury holiday? Take a look at some of our favourite quirky hotels in this blog post.

A Rural Retreat

La Hacienda – Arucas, Gran Canaria

This eighteen-room holiday haven in Arucas is situated where you’d least expect it: in the middle of one of Gran Canaria’s best banana plantations. Here you’ll stumble across an elegant eighteenth-century edifice, which has been beautifully renovated by the hotel’s owner, the charming Marquis of Arucas.

For additional comfort, the en-suite rooms have an authentically rustic feel to them, containing stunning wooden floors and furniture, as well as snug beds that take comfort to a new level. What’s more, La Hacienda has a picturesque terrace and an outdoor pool, both of which provide stunning vistas of the surrounding plantation and are perfect for relaxing – especially with a cocktail in hand!

If the afternoon sun is too powerful for you, no problem: just take a few steps inside, where you’ll find an airy lounge, a lush hot tub, a steam room and even a gym. Given the hotel’s intimate setting and size, you’ll always be able to use these luxurious facilities without getting irritated with crowds of noisy guests.

Tranquillity, opulence and comfort: what’s not to love?

Make Sure You…

Although you may never want to leave the serene sanctuary that is La Hacienda, it’s worth venturing beyond the banana plants and exploring the surrounding towns. My personal favourite is Arucas, which – much like the hotel – is a hidden gem of Gran Canaria. This historic municipality has plenty in store for culture and nature enthusiasts, such as its extraordinary church and its verdant park.

Most notably, however, my clients love visiting the Destilerias Arehucas, a rum distillery that dates back to the nineteenth century. As if tasting the rum on one of the distillery’s daily tours wasn’t exciting enough, the building houses more than 6,000 casks of rum, which have been signed by celebrities such as Plácido Domingo. I also couldn’t wrap my head around the impressive fact that the distillery is able to produce up to 20,000 bottles of rum every hour.

As Arucas is a few miles away from the hotel and public transportation is sparse, I highly recommend driving. Fortunately, my team and I are more than happy to preserve your holiday high and hire a car for you. It doesn’t get easier – and better – than that!

An Eccentric Escapade

Hotel Astoria – Kotor, Montenegro

Looking for lodgings that strike the perfect balance between stylish and quirky? I have just the right place for you.

Hotel Astoria, situated in Montenegro’s seaside town of Kotor, is a jaw-droppingly chic accommodation option, consisting of nine private rooms. Although this four-star boutique hotel is the epitome of contemporary, it used to be a Gothic palace – but you’d never be able to tell today. If you think you’ve seen the extent of the venue’s elegant eccentricity after discovering its hip lounge bar and erotic art, think again: its trendy restaurant not only serves exquisite international dishes, but also has a tree growing in its centre.

In addition to discovering the true meaning of dazzling design in the hotel’s public areas, the features of your private, air-conditioned room are sure to wow you. The bathrooms are made of the finest marble, while all bedrooms contain exclusive artworks and fancy fabrics that are guaranteed to give you innovative ideas for your own home’s decorations.

Make Sure You…

When you’re not busy soaking up the sun and taking in the view of the surrounding mountains on Hotel Astoria’s outdoor terrace (or, in some cases, on your private balcony), I highly recommend discovering the delights of Kotor. This medieval town is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to its many architectural wonders. One of my favourite buildings in town is St. Luke’s Church, a twelfth-century Romanesque edifice that – while unassuming from the outside – boasts an extraordinary interior and a fascinating history.

During my visit, I also enjoyed strolling around the city’s walls, which were erected between the ninth and eighteenth centuries and enclose the Old Town. Personally, I think that this five-kilometre walk is particularly worthwhile at night, which is when the walls are lit up, creating a radiant display.

A Break with Body

La Foresteria Planeta – Western Sicily, Sicily

Situated on the coast of Western Sicily, this four-star accommodation overlooks a scenic stretch of vineyards. This is not a coincidence: in fact, the hotel is owned by the Planeta family, Sicily’s most venerated wine producers. If this caught your attention, you’ll certainly be at the edge of your seat when you hear about the hotel’s extensive wine cellar, which will allow you to savour the local flavours of the region’s full-bodied wines.

I always recommend La Foresteria Planeta to my clients for several excellent reasons. Along with tasting some of the finest wines in the world, the fourteen-room hotel offers its guests the utmost degree of class and comfort.


“All rooms are chic and contemporary, and its beds are so downy that your desire for serene slumber will no longer be an unobtainable dream but, rather, an expectation.”

During the day, everything you’ll ever want is right at your doorstep. Whether an infinity pool, Turkish bath, sun terrace or gym tickles your fancy, you won’t be disappointed by this hotel, whose first-class facilities are every holiday-goer’s dream. And, it gets better: one of Sicily’s best – and wonderfully secluded – beaches is only a short walk away.

Make Sure You…

There’s no need to venture far, even when you’re looking to spice things up a bit… figuratively and literally. In addition to visiting the Planeta family’s winery, I encourage you to book one of the hotel’s cooking classes, which will introduce you to a range of local specialities. Not only will this experience make your holiday more authentically Sicilian, but it’ll also enable you to expand your cooking repertoire and bring some recipes back to your own kitchen.

Let Us Craft Your Perfect Holiday Experience

When you’re looking to be pampered, a stay in these boutique hotels is just what the doctor ordered. Of course, this is merely a small selection of our properties. If you’d like to find out more about the holiday havens above or about our portfolio as a whole, we at Prestige Holidays look forward to helping you book the luxury holiday of a lifetime. Give us a call today!

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