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The Prettiest Village in Spain: Valldemossa

Many years ago, I had the great fortune to stumble across the village of Valldemossa whilst holidaying in Mallorca. Since then I have never been able to forget its unique charm: its paved streets decorated with flowers and its stunning setting, nestled among forested mountains near the coast, makes it, for me, the prettiest village in Spain.

A client recently took a visit to the village and told me that, if anything, it has only become more charming thanks to its independent shops and galleries and festivals of art and music. No doubt part of what makes Valldemossa so very special is that it is tucked away from the bustle of other resorts in Mallorca, and with a population of only 2,000 people it’s a quiet, peaceful retreat away from major tourist spots. But that doesn’t mean it’s not an easy place to visit if you know what you are looking for – here are the reasons why I think you should make a visit to Spain’s prettiest village.

Beautiful Streets

The blonde stone of Valldemossa’s paved streets and houses can always be relied upon to cast a sunny disposition on those who wander the village’s quiet lanes. A beautiful feature is the decorative flowers and green plants that line the sides of the streets. I also like to look out for the image of Mallorca’s patron saint and Valldemossa’s famed daughter, Saint Catalina Thomàs, found in many of the doorways of the houses; these are traditionally placed to help protect their occupants from harm. A festival takes place every year on 28 July in celebration of Catalina Thomàs – this is the most important fiesta of the year for locals and sees hundreds of people taking to the streets in parades of a statue of a saint. I was talking with a client recently who had visited Valldemossa during this time and found it a truly uplifting experience.

Local Landmarks

The Real Cartuja de Valldemossa, a thirteenth-century Carthusian monastery, has long been a place of inspiration for writers, artists and composers. This includes Polish composer Frederic Chopin, who lived in the village during the winter of 1838-39 with his lover, the French writer George Sand. Upon my visit, I found it a very contemplative and creatively stimulating place. Do be sure to look round its many monastic cells, including the one occupied by Chopin, the old pharmacy, the library, and the new modern art museum, which includes works by Picasso.

“Local resident Chopin is celebrated every year with the annual Chopin Festival – founded in 1930, it is a highlight of the local calendar and a particularly wonderful time to visit Valldemossa.”

Shopping and Eating

The artistic spirit of Valldemossa continues in its array of independent boutique shops, particularly some lovely little bakeries, where you really must try a local delight called coca de patata, a sweet cake made with boiled potatoes. A street market takes place in the village every morning apart from Sunday, at which you can buy locally-produced fruit, vegetables, crafts and Mallorcan flowers and clothes – I have found some superb gifts for friends and family members here.

The village also has a number of fine restaurants serving authentic local cuisine. My favourites are Es Roquissar (Placa de Cartoiza) and Ca’n Mario (to reserve, call +34 971 612 122). Just outside the main village there is also Ca’n Costa, a converted mill which serves hearty rustic food and is a popular choice with my clients.

Hiking Route

Connecting Valldemossa with the nearby village of Deia is a beautiful hiking route lined by olive trees through the foothills of the Sierra de Tramuntana Mountains, along a path carved out of the rock by hermits on their way to the hermitage Ermita de la Trinidad. Founded in 1705, it is a wonderfully tranquil spot to walk out to, with its views across to the coast. If you wish to go further in this direction, I would suggest walking on past Deia to the hamlet of Llucalcari where there are a number of hidden sea coves – these are rather tricky to get to but there are some lovely swimming spots here, perfect for dipping into after a long walk.

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Your Base for Exploring Valldemossa

As a beautiful village resort itself, Deia is one of my favourite places to stay in Spain. Full of character and a cosmopolitan charm, with winding streets and views out towards the coast, Deia has many wonderful independent boutiques, galleries and cafes of its own to explore, and is home to several museums covering local art, history and archaeology. From here I would highly recommend taking the hiking route across to Valldemossa, but it is also very easy to reach the village by bus, which takes only 20 minutes. Many of my clients have also told me that it is well worth taking a trip to the nearby cove of Cala de Deia, a rocky beach with crystal blue waters – while it can get busy, it’s too beautiful a spot to be missed.

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