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Hiking in Tenerife

Buenos Días! Are you ready for some early mornings, radiant sunshine, and stunning landscapes? If this description encapsulates your ideal holiday, why not take Tenerife’s best hiking trails by storm? Our team at Prestige Holidays – which includes some avid hikers – has three top tips for exploring the island’s most scenic areas on foot. Ready, set, hike.

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Venturing through Vilaflor

When my clients tell me about their nature holiday in Tenerife, they always rave about Vilaflor, which – at 1,500 metres above sea level – is Spain’s highest metropolis. Hidden among the rolling hills and tranquil pine trees of Tenerife, this beloved town is a true diamond in the rough.

When you’re not savouring the village’s world-famous gastronomic delights, hiking the stunning trails that twist and turn around Vilaflor allows you to kill two birds with one stone: you’ll overcome your guilt of indulging in the region’s mouth-wateringly rich dishes, and witness the dazzling beauty of Tenerife’s natural treasures with your own eyes.

Just like all roads lead to Rome, all hiking trails lead to (and from) Vilaflor. However, with the help of my clients and colleagues, I’ve scoped out the best of many hiking trails in this area: the Paisaje Lunar, otherwise known as the Lunar Landscape Route.

If you’re a passionate hiker and nature lover, this eight-mile hike will not disappoint. consisting of several demanding uphill battles, this path poses a delightful challenge to experienced hikers and novices alike, and rewards those who persist with a panoramic view of Tenerife’s idyllic woodlands, turquoise ocean, and awe-inspiring mountains. On average, it’s possible to complete this very worthwhile trek in five hours, making it an ideal day trip.

Trekking through Teide National Park

If you’ve already started planning your holiday in Tenerife, you’ve surely stumbled across Teide National Park. This extraordinary piece of land attracts millions of tourists every year, largely because it encompasses Mount Teide, the highest volcano in Spain, and Pico Viejo, the Canary Islands’ second highest volcano.

If you’re in the mood for an adventurous excursion, why not enjoy the park’s striking scenery while climbing up Mount Teide? This hike is always led by a friendly and experienced guide, who will look out for your safety and wellbeing, and pass on his extensive knowledge about the flora and fauna of the park. After reaching the mountain’s peak, you won’t just be an expert on Teide National Park, but you’ll also be able to marvel at a picturesque view of the island from an impressive altitude of 3,555 metres.

Our Recommended Hiking Hotel

Whether you opt for the Lunar Landscape Route or Teide National Park (or both), the Spa Villalba guarantees an elegant and restful stay. With its modern and comfortable rooms, excellent dining options, and free spa and swimming pools, this hotel allows you to start and finish your hiking excursions on a high note, and always exceeds my clients’ highest expectations.

To top it all off, the hotel even has its own car hiring service. As Teide National Park is 15 miles away, you’ll surely want to take advantage of this convenient offer – You’ll be doing enough walking later.

Alternatively, you may be interested in combining physical exertion with wine tasting, which is highly encouraged at the Spa Villalba. Don’t miss out on the hotel’s tour to the Reverón wine cellar, which rewards a two-hour walk with a selection of wines that are simply out of this world.

Climbing in Costa Adeje

While many of Tenerife’s most famous hiking opportunities – such as the Lunar Landscape Route and Mount Teide – are situated in or around Vilaflor, Costa Adeje is another favourite among nature lovers.

Planning a stay in this town on the southern coast of Tenerife is particularly appropriate if you are new to hiking, and would like to try your hand (or, in this case, foot) at some easier paths. As an amateur hiker, I have participated in several walking tours around Costa Adeje, and always recommend the Geranium Walk to my clients.

Although this walk is more straightforward than many others, it doesn’t come without its challenges: be prepared to hike for ca. 10 kilometres, which is demanding in and of itself. However, while walking, you’ll appreciate gorgeous views of Tenerife’s finest beaches, including the Playa de las Américas. Although you probably won’t see any geraniums (the name of this hike is truly a mystery), you’ll enjoy the glowing sand, the calming noise of the ocean, and the freedom to take a dip whenever you need a break.

Our Recommended Hiking Hotel

Based on my personal experience in Costa Adeje, I highly recommend Bahia del Duque Resort, a five-star hotel located right on Tenerife’s Duque Beach. When you’re looking to relax and unwind after a day of hiking, you won’t be at a loss for options on this property: you could stroll around its blossoming gardens, dive into one of its five outdoor pools, or read a book on your stylish room’s private balcony. If you’re feeling peckish, you’ll be able to take your pick from the hotel’s eight restaurants and seven bars.

And, on a lazy afternoon, be sure to take advantage of the hotel’s whale watching offers, which enable you to continue connecting with nature, even when you’re not hiking.

Let Us Craft Your Perfect Holiday Experience

Picture-perfect scenery, challenging treks, and fun in the sun. Voila: you’re all set for your hiking holiday in Tenerife. Of course, the above recommendations merely offer a small taste of all possible routes and accommodations. To help you find the hikes and hotels that best suit your interests, we’re are happy to give you further advice. Give us a call today!

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