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Celebrate Aristotle’s Anniversary Year with a Tailored Tour of Greece

For lovers of ancient history and philosophy, Greece is doubtlessly the Elysium of holiday destinations. If you have been waiting on that perfect excuse for a visit, we might just have the perfect opportunity for you.

In celebration of the 2,400th anniversary of Aristotle’s birth year, the team here at Prestige Holidays has put together an extra special escorted tour of the Greek region of Macedonia (no, not the Republic in the Balkans).

Being the largest region of the country as well as the land in which both Aristotle and his most famous student, Alexander the Great, left their traces, it comes as no surprise that Macedonia is bursting at the seams with ancient sites of great historical importance. Under guidance of a local expert who knows the region and its history inside and out, you will be able to explore the most significant sites while soaking in their stories. You might well recognise them from your Greek Mythology classes or Classical studies!

To give you a teaser of what to expect, I have put together a selection of the highlights of this tour – including some insider tips from our past clients who have visited these sites with us.


“Our next Alexander the Great and Aristotle Tour is leaving on 2 October 2017, and there is still time to book your places.”


Stagira, the Birth Land of Aristotle

The story of Aristotle began in the ancient Greek village of Stagira, the remains of which are sitting triumphantly on an elevation between the foot of the Argirolofos hill and the shores of the Aegian Sea on the peninsula of Chalcidice. The present-day village of Stagira is home to around 500 inhabitants; the remains of the former settlement, where Aristotle was born, can be found just 8km away.

Former visitors have loved the element of surprise you get when you follow the walking tracks to find ruins and remnants in different places around the site.

Mieza, where Aristotle Taught his Most Famous Student

Mieza is the site where Aristotle – by then an honoured graduate of Plato’s Academy and a highly regarded teacher in rhetoric and dialogue – was summoned by King Philip II of Macedonia in 343 BCE. Philip II’s son, who was later known as Alexander the Great, became the most renowned and notorious student of the great Greek philosopher.

In order to repay him for his services, Philip II freed the enslaved citizens of Aristotle’s home town, Stagira, and rebuilt the city after it had been destroyed by his own troops in 348 BC.

Pella and Surroundings

Aristotle’s story is not the only one that will be brought to life around you on our upcoming tour – your group will also explore the life of Alexander the Great under guidance of our expert local tour leader. What better place to start than in his place of birth, the ancient city of Pella?

Our clients who have walked these grounds before you have marvelled at the mosaic floors that are to be found here.

You will truly feel like you’ve stepped back in time when you navigate the remnants of the city, which Alexander the Great later made the capital of his Kingdom of Macedon. The urban architecture of the time is clearly laid out in front of you, with the ruins of an impressive palace complex as well as typical Greek houses to be explored.


“It pays off to visit the museum first, where you can see the maps of the archaeological site before heading there yourselves with your tour guide.”


But That’s Not All…

There are many more places of historical significance in the area which we hope you will love to take in. What about, for example, Mount Olympus, throne of the ancient Greek gods? Without it, Greek mythology wouldn’t have been what it is today. And we haven’t even touched upon the region’s capital city, Thessaloniki. This is where you’ll spend a full day taking in the most notable sights including the Byzantine walls, the romantic Upper Town, the Arch of Galerius and – most impressively – the iconic White Tower.

I suppose the only way to truly understand what gets us so excited about this tour is to experience it yourself. And the good news is: it’s not too late to reserve your place for our upcoming tour!

Let Us Craft Your Perfect Holiday Experience

My team and I are standing by, ready to take your call to help you reserve your spot for the Alexander the Great and Aristotle Tour from 2 to 7 October 2017. Not only will we arrange your flights, all ground transport and excursions – your stay in our carefully selected luxury hotel, the lavish Mediterranean Palace Hotel in Thessaloniki, is also included in the price. Get in touch with us today and make sure not to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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